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TRY-IT! uses an interactive 3D technology, called EON, to help students learn about technology and biomedical and health sciences and pique their interest in pursuing careers in these areas. There are four major project components:

Student Training

Student participation begins at the completion of the 6th grade. In year 1, students participate in a two-week summer camp that focuses on the heart and mouth. In year 2, the camp focuses on the brain. Throughout the school year, students participate in Saturday Sessions to supplement their learning about the heart, mouth, brain, the 3D technology, and health science careers.

Teacher Training

Fayette County Public School (FCPS) teachers from the targeted schools receive professional development on how to use the EON software and how to implement it into the classroom. As part of the grant, they receive laptops with the software installed to ensure the implementation of this groundbreaking technology in the classroom. Not only will the use of this technology benefit the TRY-IT! students, but other kids at these schools will benefit from the use of EON as well.


TRY-IT! students have the opportunity to be mentored by faculty and staff working in the biomedical and health science fields.

Explorium Exhibit

TRY-IT! stakeholders will work with the Explorium to create an exhibit involving interactive 3D models using EON software, related to human biology for public display at the Exlporium