Leadership Academy

We would like to thank you for participating in the successful University of Kentucky Girls in Research Project. Our success brings an exciting opportunity for you. We received funding from the National Institutes of Health for up to sixty Girls in Research graduates to attend a Leadership Academy.

What: Girls in Research Leadership Academy

When: April 24 -- April 26, 2009 (We will begin late in afternoon on Friday and conclude after lunch on Sunday)

Location: Buckhorn State Park

Cost: No cost except your transportation to and from Buckhorn State Park

Who is eligible: Girls in Research graduates

Requirements: Written approval from your parents

Program: The Academy will be coordinated by Grace Gorrell who teaches Leadership Studies at the University of Kentucky. She is a true believer that we learn best when we are involved in the learning experience and are having fun! Leadership activities will focus on understanding leadership and participating in hands on activities that will build your confidence in becoming a stronger leader. Since individuality also has a major impact on how a person leads, you will participate in profile assessments and will see how leadership and individual styles impact each other. You will discover your strengths and how you can use those strengths to be successful. We will also give you updated information and hints about applying for College.

If you are interested: Please email Grace at ggorrell@uky.edu by December 21. If you or your parents have questions please contact me at the address above or by email at cleukef@uky.edu.