Getting Ready for College

Many of you are in you first or second year of high school and may not have even started thinking about college. It is never too early to start preparing for that journey NOW. Even if you still have no clue as to what you want to do after high school you can always prepare for college and the future. Below are a few links to help with the preparation that will be involved with choosing a school, major, or other future endeavors. Please take the time to review the sites and we hope it helps. Remember this is an exploring adventure where you may find out more about yourself so enjoy the ride.

FastWeb - - This site is designed to help you to find ways to pay for college by listing possible scholarship opportunities that you apply for. - - Another fantastic site to help you search for national and local scholarships and grants to assist in the expenses of college.

GoHigherKY - - The Go Higher KY website is your complete guide to attending college in Kentucky. By taking a few minutes to create a student account on Go Higher KY, you can automatically insert your information into financial aid and college applications, visit campuses virtually, explore career options, get adult education information, and receive help transferring to another school.

College Board - - A very good site for the student and parents of the student. Gives information about schools and ways to pay for it. Also has information for the parent of what they can do to try to help the student prepare for continuing their education. There is also information here for students who plan or need to take the SAT exam, required for most students who plan to attend college out of state.

Preparing for College - - An informative site filled with links to help in deciding a school, learning styles, and ways to help out financially.

ACT Student - - This is a site where you can see a list of upcoming test dates for the ACT, a college entrance exam. Here you can also register for the exam and get some very useful test preparation before the big test day.

Federal Student Aid - - Better known as FASFA. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Here is the site where you go to apply for loans, grants, and work study.