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Behavioral Science




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Photo of John WilsonJohn F. Wilson, Ph.D.

(University of Michigan, 1977)

123 Medical Behavioral Science Building
Phone: (859) 323-6257
Current CV

Research Description

Dr. Wilson’s research focuses on stress, coping, and quality of life.  In clinical populations, including patients in pain, primary care patients, and medical students and residents. His current research interests focus on doctor-patient communication, the role of social support and social obstruction in health and illness and quality of life in professional education.

2012 Accomplishments

During 2012, Dr. Wilson’s activities focused heavily on curriculum development and department, college, and university committee activities.    A revised ten credit Introduction to Clinical Medicine Course was implemented for the first year implementation of the new medical school curriculum. revision.   The revisions focused on integrating biostatistics and epidemiology teaching into the course,, expanding clinical experiential opportunities for an expanded class size, and developing new interviewing training protocols. Educational committee service on multiple committees spawned by the curriculum revision continued in 2012, with additional department committee service focused on developing the infrastructure within the department for expanded interactive on-line learning capabilities for medical, graduate, and undergraduate course offerings.   The onset of a specifically designated behavioral science score on the Medical College Admission Test initiated committee efforts to expand our undergraduate course offerings related to medical behavioral science.     Election to the Board of Trustees early in 2012 meant a greatly expanded university committee service, and new commitments to the Academic Affairs and Student Affairs subcommittees of the Board of Trustees, and regular work as a member of the University Senate Council and the University Senate.  Dr. Wilson’s research efforts centered on the development of better outcome measures for basic  behavioral science  teaching, with the goal of identifying best practices in interview and interpersonal skills training by tracking clinical skills in the third and fourth year of medical school as outcome measures .    A 2012 grant application to the educational foundation of the LCME made the tenth percentile but was not funded.   Pilot data is being gathered to strengthen a re-application in 2013.  In terms of other academic productivity, he made five refereed presentations related to the pedagogy and materials developed for the ICM course,  mentored two undergraduate medical student research projects,  two undergraduate UK student projects,  and was a member of five graduate student committees.

Research Funding

A Web-based Employment Intervention for Drug Court Participants
NIDA  R21   J. Matthew Webster PI
Co-I  9/15/08 – 6/30/11  (275,000)

Faculty Development in Primary Care
HRSA Charles Griffith PI
Co-PI and Co-Program Director 7/2005-6/2008   (688,542)

Pre-doctoral Training in Primary Care: special topics in standardized patient training
Health Resources Services Administration, Steve Haist, PI
Co-investigator 7/1/03 - 6/30/06, ($917,343)

Representative Publications

Cline, V.D., Wilson, J.F., Prout, H. T. (2011) Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in children following moderate-severe injuries, Journal of Trauma Nursing, 18(3) 155-160.

Deep, K.S., Griffith, C.H., Wilson, J.F. (2008) Communication and decision-making about life sustaining treatment: examining the experiences of resident physicians and seriously ill hospitalized patients. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 23(11) 1877-1882.

Haist, S.A., Wilson, J.F., Lineberry, M.J., & Griffith, C.H. (2007). A randomized controlled trial using insinuated standardized patients to assess residents’ domestic violence skills following a two-hour workshop. Teach Learn Med, 19(4), 336-342.

Wilson, J.F. and Kopitzke, E.  Stress and Infertility.  Current Women’s Health Reports, 2002, 2, 194-200.

Wilson, J.F., Johnson, M.S, Studts, J.L., and Elam, C.L.  Quality of life as a measure of the impact of major curricular change.  Academic Medicine, 1996, 19, 40-42.

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