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Behavioral Science




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Terry D. Stratton, Ph.D.

(University of Kentucky, 1999)

College Of Medicine Bldg, Leader Ave 9983
Phone: (859) 323-2785
Fax: (859) 323-2076

Research Description

Dr. Stratton holds an administrative appointment in the College of Medicine, where he oversees activities in the Division of Student Assessment & Program Evaluation. His research interests are focused in the general area of medical education, with emphasis on non-cognitive attributes of students (e.g., emotional intelligence), performance-based assessments of student competencies, evaluation of curricular objectives and faculty instruction, and gender discrimination and sexual harassment within undergraduate curricula. Dr. Stratton is currently involved in efforts to establish: (1) College-wide curricular quality assurance standards, (2) a longitudinal medical student database of non-cognitive measures; and (3) a comprehensive system using faculty peers and professional non-peers to access instructional quality.

2012 Accomplishments

Dr. Stratton completed his tenure as project evaluator on a HRSA-funded Biomedical Informatics grant charged with creating an internal computing infrastructure and data warehouse – allowing clinical researchers to more easily access related data.  He was appointed co-editor of Medical Education Online (MEO), an open-access, electronic journal published by Co-Action.  He completed a 2-year term as editorial board member of Education Research International (ERI).  He completed his service as past-Chair of The Generalists in Medical Education (TGME) – and helped coordinate the November (2012) annual meeting in San Francisco; he now begins a final one-year stint on that organization’s steering committee as chair of the nominations committee.  He worked (as project evaluator) with Drs. Don Frazier and Ok-Kyong Park-Sarge on an R-25 NIH application aimed at increasing the number of underrepresented minority students in basic science careers. This 5-year proposal will be submitted to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) for review under their Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) mechanism.  Dr. Stratton expanded the use of ExamSoft® - a web-based platform allowing for the computer-based creation and administration of course exams – across all M1 courses in the revised UKCOM undergraduate curriculum.  Using this system, students are able to download and securely complete course examinations on their personal laptop computers. Plans are to expand the use of the ExamSoft® system into revised M2 curriculum beginning in AY2013.  He helped to procure the purchase of KnowledgeMap, an integrated curriculum mapping platform which enables a searchable inventory of virtually all basic science and clinical content covered in the UKCOM undergraduate curriculum.  As part of the UKCOM M1/M2 Curriculum Revision Committee, Dr. Stratton chaired the IT/Assessment subcommittee – which issued a 21-page report recommending the expanded use of technology to better fulfill The College’s teaching mission and accommodate the increased class size.  He continued to represent UKCOM on the University Assessment Committee (UAC) – a campus-wide group charged with complying with new Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation standards regarding student learning outcomes, improvement action plans, etc.  He collaborated on nine local and national presentations and several peer-reviewed publications.

Research Funding

Evaluator, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Curriculum Project. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), NIH # 5 R25 AT682-02, 2002-2007.

Representative Publications

Stratton TD, McLaughlin MA, Witte FL, Fosson SE, Nora LM. Students’ Exposure to Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in Medical School: Does it Impact Specialty Choice and Residency Program Selection? Academic Medicine. (In press).

 Stratton TD, Witzke DB, Elam CL, Cheever TR. Learning and Career Preferences of Medical School Applicants. Journal of Vocational Behavior. (In press).

Haist SA, Wilson JF, Pursley HG, Jessup ML, Gibson JS, Kwolek DG, Stratton TD, Griffith CH. (2003). Domestic violence: Increasing knowledge and improving skills with a four-hour workshop using standardized patients. Academic Medicine, 78(10), S24-S26.

Stratton TD, Elam CL, McGrath MG. (2003). A liberal arts education as preparation for medical school: How is it valued? How do graduates perform? Academic Medicine, 78(10). S59-S61.

Elam CL, Sauer MJ, Stratton TD, Skelton J, Crocker D, Musick DW. (2003). Service learning in the medical curriculum: Developing and evaluating an elective experience. Teaching and Learning in Medicine, 15(3), 194-203.

Nora LM, McLaughlin MA., Fosson SE, Stratton TD, Murphy-Spencer A, Fincher ME, German DC, Seiden D, Witzke DB. (2002). Gender discrimination and sexual harassment in medical education: Perspectives Gained from a 14 school study. Academic Medicine, 77(12), 39-47.

Gallagher EB, Wadsworth AL, Stratton TD. (2002). Religion, spirituality, and mental health. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 190, 697-704.

Stratton TD, Witzke DW, Jacob RJ, Sauer MJ, Murphy-Spencer A. (2002). Form effects on students’ ratings of faculty teaching in a multi-instructor setting: The case of monotonic response patterns. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 7(2), 99-116.

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