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Behavioral Science




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photo of Phyllis Nash Phyllis P. Nash, Ed. D.

(West Virginia University - Educational Psychology and Communication, 1985; Masters of Social Work, 1979)

117 Medical Behavioral Science Building
Phone (859) 257-3513

Academic Background and Description:

Before joining the faculty at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Nash served on the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at West Virginia University.  For twelve years at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Nash served as the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs in the Chandler Medical Center. For nearly a year Dr. Nash served as Chief of Staff to the President of the University, until she left to become the project director of the University’s effort to replace the financial, human resources, student and purchasing/inventory administrative systems, the Integrated Resource Information Systems (IRIS) Project.  After directing the IRIS Project for five years, Dr. Nash returned full-time to her academic appointment in the department.

Dr. Nash’s academic interests are in human communication, the psychosocial dimensions of health and illness, psychotherapy, professional education strategies and the dynamics of teaching and learning.  She has pursued these interests in teaching, research, public and professional service, and in the clinical care of patients.  She has been involved in teaching the behavioral sciences to undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree students in Dentistry, Health Science, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy.

2012 Accomplishments

Dr. Nash’s primary role in the Department is teaching medical and dental students. She serves on doctoral committees for two students, one in Health Communication and the other in Nursing, who are both at the proposal stage. Her medical student teaching takes the form of serving as a preceptor for seven first-year medical students.  In a required course for 59 second-year dental students, CDE824 she served as Director of a mixed modality course.  She continues to mentor a faculty member with the expectation that upon Dr. Nash’s retirement, she will assume responsibility for the course.  They plan to publish several papers on the innovations in the Dentistry course.  She serves as the co-director of the Behavioral Basic (formerly Psychiatry) course. Finally, her contribution to the educational mission of the department takes the form of service to the College on the Curriculum Committee.  Since July she has served half-time as the Acting Academic Affairs Dean in the College of Health Science.  


      Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Project - $1.2 Million – 1998-2002
      Preparing Physicians for the Future at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine -
      $150,000 – 1990-91

Representative Publications

Kwolek, D., Nora, A., NASH, P.  A Women’s Health Course for Education in Internal Medicine.  Academic Medicine, 1999, 74(5), 593-594.

Blue, A. V., Stratton, T. D., Donnelly, M. B., NASH, P., & Schwartz, R. W.  The Effects of Students’ Communication Apprehension and Its Effects on PBL Performance.  Medical Teacher, 1998, 20(3), 217-221.

Haist, S. A., NASH, P.,  Elam, C. L. & Rich, E. C.  Teaching in a Physical Diagnosis Course: Identifying Faculty Characteristics and Motivational Factors.  Teaching and Learning in Medicine, 1993, 5(2), 72-76.

NASH, P., Schwartz, R., Middleton, J., Witte, F., & Young, B.  The Structure of a Student Centered, Problem‑Based Surgery Clerkship. Academic Medicine, 1991, 66(7), 415-417.

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