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Behavioral Science




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Photo of Carl LeukefeldCarl G. Leukefeld, D.S.W.

(Catholic University of America, 1975 )

111 Medical Behavioral Science Building
Phone: (859) 323-5308

Research Description

Dr. Leukefeld is Professor of Behavioral Science, Psychiatry, Oral Health Science, Social Work and Public Health; and Chair of the Department of Behavioral Science, with a graduate appointment in Sociology. He came to the University of Kentucky in 1990 to establish the Center on Drug and Alcohol Research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse where he filled administrative and research positions.  Dr. Leukefeld has published over 200 articles, chapters, books and monographs.  He is a consulting editor for 6 journals.  His research interests include treatment interventions, outcomes, HIV prevention, criminal justice sanctions, health services, and rural populations.

2012 Accomplishments

During 2012, administrative activities continued as Chair, Department of Behavioral Science and Bell Alcohol and Addictions Chair. Teaching included mentoring students and faculty as well as participating on doctoral committees. Publications included co-authoring 12 journal articles with 8 articles submitted, 5 articles in press, and 13 presentations. Continued serving on the editorial boards of 2 journals. Served as Principal Investigator for a NIDA center grant (CJDATS 2), one other NIH grant (TRY-IT), and one industry contract as well as Co-I on six NIH grants, and Principal Investigator for the state funded Targeted Assessment Program contract. Continued as Visiting Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil and presented a Post-Graduate Short Course on Clinical and Translational Research Study Design in September, 2012.  Federal grant and contract peer review activities included: the NIDA Loan Repayment Program; NIDA Contract Review for the Regulatory Filing Support for the Development of Medications; NIDA Phase I Contract Review E-Tech. Tools for Extending the Reach of Preventative Interventions; NIDA Contract Review Clinical Trials Research Coordinating Center; and the NIH Special Emphasis Scientific Review Panel for Science Education Partnership Awards (SEPA).  Membership on university committees included completing work on the Six-Year Periodic Review Committee for the University of Kentucky Dean of Students. Bell Chair activities included: Advising on the UK Bell Consultation Addiction Service activities; Implementing the UK HealthCare Addictions White Paper recommendations; Refining the Mentoring Angels program with funding from Neal and Derek Vaughan; and Supervising the Addictions Brief Interventionist. Received the College of Medicine Willard Award.

Selected Research Funding

Principle Investigator, "TRY-IT" Translating Research to Youth through Information Technology, National Institute of Health, National Center for Research Resources, 10/01/06 to 09/30/11 at $1,327,170.

Principal Investigator, "Central State Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Center". National Institute on Drug Abuse 9/30/02 to 8/32/08 at $2,121,184.

Principal Investigator, "Female Drug Abuse Science Curriculum", Grant Number 1R25DA11388, National Institute on Drug Abuse 9/30/98 to 8/31/2008 at $1,834,332.

Principal Investigator, "DEM: Girls in Science," grant number HRD-0217196, Natural Science Foundation 9/1/02 to 8/3/07 at $899,085.

Co-Principal Investigator, Rural Stimulant Use and Mental Health Services and Outcomes.  Grant number Ro1DA1536 with the University of Arkansas, National Institute on Drug Abuse 9/24/02 to 7/30/08 at $2,079,731.

Principal Investigator, "Enhancing Drug Court Retention in a Rural State", Grant Number RO1 DA 13076, National Institute on Drug Abuse 9/20/99 to 8/31/06 at $1,913,842.

Principal Investigator, "HIV Risk Reduction Among Rural Drug Using Probationers", Grant Number RO1 DA11580, National Institute on Drug Abuse 9/30/00 to 8/31/07 at $2,363,189.

Representative Publications


Garrity, T.F., Leukefeld, C.G., Carlson, R.G., Falck, R.S., Wang, J., Booth, B.M. (2007).  Physical Health, Illicit Drug Use, and Demographic Characteristics in Rural Stimulant Users.  The Journal of Rural Health, 23(2), 99-107.

Oser, C., Staton Tindall, and Leukefeld, C.G. (2007). HIV/AIDS testing in correctional agencies and community treatment programs: The impact of internal organizational structure. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 32, 301-310.

Havens, J.R., Walker, R., and Leukefeld, C.G. (2007). Prevalence of Opioid Analgesic Injection among Rural Nonmedical Opioid Analgesic Users. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 87(1), 98-102.

Sexton, Rocky L., Carlson, Robert G., Leukefeld, Carl G., and Booth, Brenda M. (2006). Patterns of illicit methamphetamine production (“cooking”) and associated risks in the rural south: An ethnographic exploration. Journal of Drug Issues. 36(4), 853-876.

Leukefeld, C.G., Hiller, M.L., Webster, M., Staton Tindall, M., Martin, S.S., Duvall, J., Tolbert, V.E., & Garrity, T.F. A prospective examination of high-cost health services utilization among drug using prisoners re-entering the community. Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, 2006, 33(1), 73-85.

Leukefeld, C.G., Smiley MacDonald, H., Mateyoke-Scrivner, A., Roberto, H., Walker, R., Webster, M., & Garrity, T. (2005). Prescription drug use, health services utilization and health problems in rural Appalachian Kentucky. Journal of Drug Issues, 35(3), 631-644.

Leukefeld, C.G., Pechansky, F., Martin, S.S., Surratt, H.L., Inciardi, J.A., Kessler, F.H., Orsi, M.M., Von Diemen, L., Meyer Da Silva, E. (2005). Tailoring an HIV-prevention intervention for cocaine injectors and crack users in Porto Alegre, Brazil. AIDS Care, 17, S77-S87.

Leukefeld, C.G., Roberto, H., Hiller, M., Webster, M., Logan, TK, & Staton-Tindall, M. (2003). HIV prevention among high-risk and hard-to-reach rural residents. J. of Psychoactive Drugs, 35(4), 427-434.

Leukefeld, C.G., Godlaski, T., Clark, J., Brown, C., & Hays, L. (2002). Structured stories: Reinforcing social skills in rural substance abuse treatment. Health and Social Work, 27(3), 213-217.

Books and Monographs

Logan, T.K., Walker, R.W., Jordan, C., and Leukefeld, C.G. (2005). Victimization, mental health, and substance abuse among women: Contributing factors, interventions, and implications. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Leukefeld, C.G., Tims, F.M., and Farabee, D. (2002)  Clinical and Policy Responses to Drug Offenders.  New York: Springer. 

Tims, F.M., Leukefeld, C.G., and Platt, J.J. (Eds.) (2001)  Relapse and Recovery Processes in the Addictions.  New Haven, Conn: Yale University Press.

Leukefeld, C.G., Godlaski, T., Clark, J., Brown, C., and Hays, L. (2000)  Behavioral Therapy for Rural Substance Abusers.  The University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.

Daugherty, R.P. and Leukefeld, C.G. (1998)  Preventing Alcohol and Drug Problems Across the Life Span.  Plenum, New York.

Ries, J.B. and Leukefeld, C.G. (1997)  The Research FundingGuidebook: Getting It, Managing It, and Renewing It.  Sage, Newbury Park, California.

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