The Butterfield Lab


Located in Lexington, KY, at the University of Kentucky, we are a part of the University’s College of Health and Human Sciences, division of Athletic Training.  We may be a small lab, but good things come in small packages- as they say.  We are coming into our 4th year of operation, and we have some pretty exciting things developing on the horizon- so be sure to check us out!  Follow our blog that we will update from time to time, and feel free to contact us with questions. 


Welcome to The Butterfield Lab!

Our laboratory focuses on the mechanical and physiological properties of muscle tissue during in-vivo ambulation and exercise in a number of models.  We collect direct, real time measurements of mechanical properties and performance of skeletal muscle during modified use, and measure the cellular responses thereafter.  Although it is known that muscle adapts following various modes of exercise, the mechanisms that govern these adaptive processes remain unknown at the cellular level and appear to be related to the mechanical micro-environment of individual fibers within the matrix of skeletal muscle.  The additional contributions of altered muscle function to bone and joint health is of great clinical interest, and we have devised new methodologies to further our understanding of the impact of abnormal muscle function on bone, cartilage, and ligament health during exercise.