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Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy

Voices of Smoke-free Communities: Volume 2

Click on the titles or images below to watch the videos. The videos will open in a new window.

Click here to view Voices of Smoke-free Communities: Volume 1.

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Secondhand Smoke: It's Personal
All have been impacted by secondhand smoke (SHS),
whether we have a loved one
who has been harmed by SHS
or we have health problems
from SHS exposure ourselves.

Smoke-free Laws: Workers Have the Right to Clean Air
No one should have to choose between their health and a paycheck.

Secondhand Smoke: Paying Attention to the Science
The debate is over. The science
is clear. Secondhand smoke
is deadly.

Smoke-free Laws: Protecting Health
Smoke-free laws protect the public health, saving lives while creating only a minor inconvenience to smokers.

Smoke-free Laws: Smart for Business
Smoke-free is good for business.

Opposition: Welcoming the Debate
Smoke-free improves lives.

Comprehensive: The Only Way to Go
Only comprehensive smoke-free laws provide all workers with
clean air.

Smoke-free Laws: People Like Them
Most people support smoke-free polices: Kentucky communities and surrounding states with smoke-free policies love the results.



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