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To sign up,  contact CSB through Jack Schmidt at 323-8171 (messages) or 323-8183 jjschm00@uky.edu.  Verification of times will be posted on the CSB Structural Services Signup Page.  

Service Cost
Large scale (8L) growth of E.coli in fermenter for production of protein $50
Protein crystallization trials for X-ray crystallography e.g. Hampton screens $50 / h
Dynamic light scattering for molecular weight determination and aggregation $50 / h
Circular dichroism for structural conformation $50 / h
Cell disruption by French Press or by Microfluidics Collider for larger volumes $50 / h
Fluorometric spectroscopy using PE LS-55 (scans and kinetics) $50 / h
X-ray diffraction on crystal using in-house RAXIS diffractometer   $50 / dataset
X-ray diffraction on crystal using SERCAT synchrotron source at Argonne Natl. Lab $200 / datase

For proteomic services, use this Link to Proteomic Services Page

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