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Instruments for Protein Purification and Structural / Kinetic Studies
Chromatography and fluorimetry make possible studies of structural properties and enzymatic activity of enzyme mutants.

Protein purification with automated fraction collector and computer generated data is available using the gradient CSB Akta Explorer FPLC with multiple wavelength capability.    

HPLC (Waters Breeze) which uses a programmable gradient and UV- vis dual wavelengrth detector can be used to evaluate peptides; in particular recently used to monitor slow kinetics of enzyme-catalyzed hydrolysis by various mutant peptidases. This methodology is an alternative to using fluorometric substrates.    


A Perkin-Elmer LS55 spectrofluorometer is used for studying a variety of molecular properties, including binding, RET (resonance energy transfer), molecular rotation (fluorescence polarization capability) as well as slow kinetic reactions using fluorometric substrates.  A new phototube brings up the spectral domain into the near-infrared region e.g. with Cy 7 dyes, spectrally isolated from other fluorophores. The high sensitivity of this instrument is compatible with very low concentrations. A new K2 fluorescence lifetime instrument has been acquired and is expected to be available in the near future.

AKTA Explorer FPLCWaters BREEZE HPLC (UV-vis) can be used for analytical resolution of mixtures of peptides Perkin Elmer LS-55 fluoromter is ultra sensitive, for enzyme kinetics and binding studies

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