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The University of Kentucky Division of Physical Therapy offers the opportunity for currently licensed physical therapists to receive their Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree through the completion of our Transitional DPT program. For practicing clinicians, the Transitional DPT program facilitates the development and enhancement of knowledge and expertise that have become expected as entry-level in the current health care environment. The program also provides excellent opportunities to grow in areas of specific skill and interest by allowing students to tailor many class activities to enhance their areas of clinical expertise.


                                                                         CR            Semester

PT 902 Integration of Evidence Based Practice        3             Spring

PT 904 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention    2             Summer

PT 906 Advanced PT Diagnosis and Screening        2             Summer

PT 908 Complex Patient I                                                  Fall

PT 910 Complex Patient II                                     2              Fall

PT 912 Advanced Elective                                     2              varies

Students are required to attend on-campus class sessions 2-3 times a semester.


Faculty and Staff


Rachel Gleason, PT, MS


Coordinator Transitional DPT Program

859-323-1100 ext 80597

Courses are taught by UK Division of Physical Therapy Faculty and outside instructors.


The class beginning in 2012 will be the last class admitted to the program.  Students will enter the program as part of a class for a 1 year plus 1 semester completion track. Typically 35 students are admitted. All courses are taken in order starting with PT 902 Evidence Based Practice. 


The deadline for application for January admittance to the program is October 15, 2011. The application fee is $100. Application is to be made to the College of Health Sciences only. This is a professional program and is not under the graduate school. There is no need for prospective students to take the GRE exam.

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$686 per credit hour (2011-2012)

 Textbooks/Course Manuals are at additional cost

Computer and Technical Requirements

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Comments from Recent Graduates about the Program

"I feel that I see more of the whole picture.  For example, how are my patient's meds affecting their ability to progress in therapy?  Do they need a psych consult?  Do they need a nutrition consult?  In other words, it's not just about what I'm working on with them in PT, it's about  how everything is interacting, and is there anything I can do to help the pieces all fit together for a better recovery.  It's really cool!"

"I have become a much better clinician by using the latest best evidence in evaluation and treating my patients.  The clinical prediction rules are great to predict outcomes with treatment and I no longer use the shotgun approach of trial and error to see what works with my patients.  I have also learned how to search and find answers to my clinical questions."

"I cannot emphasize how much more confident I feel in being able to obtain information.  I feel much more confident in the interventions I have chosen and in defending or suggesting the use of these interventions to other PT's and MD's.  I can readily access information to answer questions that I have and that my clients have.

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