CHS Physical Therapy

Clinical Education Terms


A clinical experience for the student during the academic school year.


A clinical experience for the student which follows completion of a didactic education.

Entry Level Physical Therapy Education

Entry level education for physical therapists is meant to prepare a clinician generalist for practice.

The clinician generalist in physical therapy is expected to be competent in the diagnosis of movement dysfunction and in creating and carrying out a plan of care designed to eliminate, alleviate, or minimize the identified dysfunction. In addition, the physical therapist is expected to communicate with individuals who have varied educational, cultural, social, and economic backgrounds; act as an advocate for a patient or client and the family; participate in the political process at local, state, and national levels; market services; participate in research; teach patients, families, colleagues, and students; deal with third party payers for reimbursement of services- be a continuing learner; and be active in professional organizations.

Director of Clinical Education

The full time faculty member that bears administrative responsibility for managing and implementing the clinical education program within the Division of Physical Therapy.

Academic Program

That part of the curriculum that occurs at the academic institution of higher education

Clinical Education Sites

The entire clinical facility affiliating with the academic program, where clinical education takes place

Physical Therapy Service

Indicates that part of the clinical experience that is managed and delivered exclusively by physical therapy staff