Physician Assistant Studies

Admission Criteria

The UKPA Program admissions cycle will open April 22nd and close July 15th. Applicants may apply with 2 outstanding prerequisite courses at the time of application as long as they are completed by August 10, 2015.

You may contact Julia Flannery with any concerns or questions as well as for collection of documents:

Admission to the PA program involves a 2-step application and an in-person interview for the best-qualified candidates. You must apply to
1. Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA)
2. UK Graduate School/College of Health Sciences

Applications for admission to the PA program are due July 15, 2014 and classes will begin in January 2015

Admissions Worksheet

Informational  Q &A Session

Graduate Record Exam (GRE)

For GRE scores received before August 2011, applicants must have achieved a minimum combined score of 900 points on Verbal and Quantitative sections of the exam. Minimum scores for the new GRE must meet the minimum academic requirements for the Graduate School. Please note that the class average for GRE scores is generally around 1140 for the old GRE and average of 150 Verbal and 150 Quantitative for the new GRE. This number may be adjusted in the future, and may be subject to "special circumstances" All applicants must meet the minimum requirements of the Graduate School. See the FAQ page for a longer discussion of the scores. All GRE scores still must be no more than 5 years old.

Please note that we accept ONLY the GRE for our program. We do not accept any substitutes (e.g. the MCAT).

If you are an international or domestic student applicant and did not attend a high school where English is the primary language, you are required to submit TOEFL iBT scores in additional to the GRE. A minimum combined TOEFL iBT score of 120 is required, with a minimum of score of 26 in each category:






Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's degree from an accredited college. All applicants applying to the PA program must meet the minimum academic standards for the Graduate School.

Academic Performance

The UKPA program values academic success as well as personal attributes and experiences that we feel will our students need to possess to provide healthcare to our diverse community. The admissions committee utilizes a holistic review process. This approach allows us to consider multiple factors to ensure that we are matriculating a diverse group of future physician assistant.

Prerequisite Courses

The prerequisites are as stated in the Graduate School Bulletin, which is the official source. The current prequisites are:

Prerequisite Courses Requirements UK Course Equivalencies
General Chemistry & Lab 2 semesters + labs
(8–10 hrs)
CHE 105/111, CHE 107/113
Organic Chemistry & Lab 1 semester + labs
(4–6 hrs)
CHS 230/231 or CHE 232/233
  1. Human Anatomy or Comparative/Vertebrate Anatomy*,**
  2. Human Anatomy / Physiology I
  1. 1 semester (3 hrs)
  2. 1 semester (4 hrs)
ANA 209
  1. Human Physiology or Comparative/Vertebrate Physiology*,**
  2. Human Anatomy / Physiology II
  1. 1 semester (3 hrs)
  2. 1 semester (4 hrs)
PGY 206
General Animal Biology & Lab 1 semester + lab
(4–5 hrs)
BIO 150/151 or BIO 152/153
Beginning 2011: BIO 148 or 152/155
Microbiology & Lab** 1 semester + lab
(4–5 hrs)
BIO 208/209 or BIO 308/209
Statistics 1 semester (3 hrs) STA 291/ PSY 216 or Higher
Psychology 1 semester (3 hrs) PSY 100
Developmental Psychology 1 semester (3 hrs) PSY 223
Anthropology or Sociology 1 semester (3 hrs) SOC 101 or ANT 101
Medical Terminology 1 semester (3 hrs) CLA 131

*Anatomy and physiology courses must be from a biology, anatomy or physiology department.

You may determine course equivalency with the University of Kentucky courses listed above by going to

Other Requirements

Health Care Experience

A minimum requirement of 1000hrs of direct patient contact may be in a medical discipline such as CNA, EMT, CRNA, CMA, Medical Tech, professional hospice volunteer, etc. We will accept hours as that have occurred from these select disciplines, (Pharmacy Tech, Dental Tech, Physical Therapist Tech, Athletic Trainer). However,  these hours can occur in a limited capacity with 500 hrs maximum.

In addition to the 1000 direct patient contact hour, you must have a minimum of 50 hours of shadowing a clinical Physician Assistant. We prefer that you shadow a PA in a variety of medical specialties.

Timeline for Direct Patient Care

  • 750 direct patient care hours and 25 hours of PA shadowing completed by August 1st
  • 1000 direct patient care hours and 50 hours of PA shadowing completed by December 1st


    1.CASPA: application cycle opens April 22nd and close July 15th

    2. Graduate School/College of Health Sciences supplemental Application: must be submitted at the time you submit your application to CASPA

         All applications must be completed and on file to be considered for the PA program.

    Letters of Recommendation

    a. Three letters of recommendation are required

    b. Please make sure that the people that you get to write your recommendation letters know you well. They will have to answer questions about you.

    Other Requirements

    a.            Admission essay

    b.           Certification in Basic Life Support

    c.            Compliance with the Technical Standards established by the College of Health Sciences for the College

    d.           Compliance with the Technical Standards established by the PA program


    NOTICE: Although every effort is made to ensure that this material is accurate and up to date, it is provided for the convenience of the user and should not be considered the official version. The official version of this material is available at the UK Graduate School site. Specific information about the PA program is at the UK Graduate School PA program site. The user is advised to refer to and rely upon the official version of this material when making significant decisions or judgments.

    Technical Standards

    All students matriculating into the PA program are required to be able to meet certain Technical Standards. Click here to view these Technical Standards. If you have questions concerning standards please contact the Office of Student Affairs.


    If you have thoroughly reviewed the content on this site, including the Frequently Asked Questions, and have additional questions concerning the application process, pre-requisite courses, or anything else regarding admissions, please contact College of Health Sciences Academic Advisors:
    Corrie Scott,
    Wayne Center,
    For Morehead campus location
    Julia Flannery,