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Research Program Devlopment, Data Analysis, and Dissemination Core (DAD)

The purposes of the DAD are to:

(1) provide support services to assist faculty in developing a focused, ongoing funded program of research related to evidence-based interventions

(2) offer faculty development opportunities and mentoring in research proposal development, psychosocial instrumentation and surveys, research design and sampling, data management and analysis, and data-based presentation and manuscript preparation

(3)  through collaboration with the other cores and committees, provide the infrastructure and resources necessary for development of ongoing programs of research focused on improving self-management

Specific aims-DAD core

  • Provide the research infrastructure and centralized resources to support faculty in building sustainable interdisciplinary, biobehavioral programs of research related to improving self-management in persons with cardiovascular and pulmonary health problems.  
  • Mentor faculty in developing sustainable interdisciplinary, biobehavioral research capacity focused on self-management
  • Increase the number of nurse scientists and investigators from other disciplines who are involved in Center research activities. 
  • Support the development of extramural research applications related to the Center’s focus.
  • Conduct ongoing, formative evaluation and an annual summative evaluation of progress toward meeting the aims of this core and its contribution to the goals of the Center.