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Pilot/Feasibility and Biobehavioral Outcomes Core

This Core serves as the initial contact/resource for potential Project Investigators interested in conducting research on self-management of cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases.

  • Plan to expand to chronic illnesses

Biobehavioral Outcomes Core

Specific  aims are:

1) to provide the intellectual and material resources needed to assist investigators in development and conduct of  studies focused on self-management of cardiovascular and pulmonary disease

2) to provide training, mentorship, and expertise in selecting, measuring, and interpreting appropriate biobehavioral outcomes variables

Services of this Core:

  • Assist investigators to find appropriate mentors/aadvisors to assist in proposal development and implementation of research studies
    • Center Cores' Investigators and Advisory Committee
  • Ensure that investigators receive adequate assistance, advice, and mentorship from mentors
  • Provide consultation and assistance with selection, measurement, and clinical interpretation of biobehavioral outcomes data
  • Advice, training, and mentorship in measurement and interpretation of three types of outcomes:

1) Biobehavioral variables that demonstrate effectiveness of interventions (e.g., knowledge, psychological status, physiological status)

2) Biobehavioral variables that demonstrate improvement in self-management behaviors (e.g., adherence, nutritional status, physiological status)

3) Biobehavioral variables that demonstrate improvement in clinical outcomes (e.g., physiological status, mortality, morbidity, and quality of life)

  • Act as a liaison to the GCRC (future CTSA)
  • See Table for list of currently available services and outcome measures