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Administrative Core  

The goals are to facilitate and sustain research productivity and the dissemination of research findings by:

(1) managing the overall activities of the Center, including the development, promotion and use of Center resources

(2) develop means for and promote networking and collaboration among Project Investigators and with the larger research community

(3) development and execution of an evaluation plan and a sustainability plan

(4) monitoring of all Center components for adherence to federal research guidelines

Specific aims

(1) provide coordination, oversight, planning, and logistical support for the Center, while integrating Center components

(2) review use of funds for research projects, Core activities and insure funds are used appropriately

(3) optimize the use of the shared Center resources

(4) establish and maintain a Center website to highlight Center resources and outcomes of projects, promote the Center as a research community resource, and enable sharing across NINR-funded Centers

(5) plan for the sustainability of the Center after the support period is completed, including development of collaborations and preparation for seeking further NIH support

(6) provide expert scientific consultation to Project Investigators

(7) provide guidance and support to Project Investigators in obtaining additional external funding



(1) Intensive consultation. To arrange consultation email: Debra Moser

(2) Seminar Series

(a) Invited expert speakers

(b) Consultation

(3) Website, newsletter

(4) Coordination with other UK and outside services