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International Exchange Program

In 1992, the College of Health Sciences initiated a faculty/student exchange program with the School of Health Sciences at the University of Wolverhampton located in Wolverhampton, England. At first, this exchange involved students enrolled in Clinical Laboratory Sciences program within the CHS but has now expanded to include students from our programs in Physician Assistant Studies, Communication Disorders, and Physical Therapy.

Since the program's inception, numerous students from our programs have been involved in international exchange. Various and unique types of experiences have contributed to the overwhelming success of this program, such that it is now recognized as one of the most successful student exchange programs available for students enrolled at the University of Kentucky. We have also expanded geographically for numerous possibilities around the globe, including Kenya, Swaziland, Equator, Guatemala, and Australia.

Each year brings unique experiences that were not available the previous year. Examples of these activities have been the performance of high-quality research performed by the British students, who have been mentored by CHS faculty and additional faculty within the UK Medical Center, to several "clinical" experiences conducted by our Physician Assistant students on site in several clinical settings within the British Health care system. Therefore, this program has provided the opportunity for local British physicians and British health care officials the opportunity to "investigate" and "try" how such a health care provider would assimilate in the British health care system. We have even seen British students have return to the University of Kentucky to begin studies for the Ph.D. degree, supervised by CHS faculty.

In summary, the CHS added an additional dimension in its scope and mission by expanding the horizons for its Kentucky students to have the opportunity to study and gain important work experiences in a foreign environment but, more importantly, these experiences have allowed our student to become truly international - a goal shared by all who are committed to the success of any major university as we begin the 21st Century.

For more information, contact:

Rebecca Serrano
Admissions and Study Abroad Coordinator
Office Phone: (859) 218-0473


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