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Charlotte A. Peterson, Ph.D.

Joseph Hamburg Endowed Professor
CHS Associate Dean for Research

Principal Interests:
Dr. Peterson's research focuses on elucidation of cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling skeletal muscle structure and function. She is currently funded to study stem cell activity during muscle regeneration and has provided evidence that inherent changes in gene expression in stem cells responsible for muscle repair occur with age so that the cells display an adipocyte- or fat-like phenotype, suggesting that common mechanisms may contribute to loss of bone and muscle with age.

In a related project, she is also studying the effects of obesity on muscle stem cell activity. Dr. Peterson also studies the genetic basis of differences in the muscle inflammatory response to damage. The inflammatory cytokine interleukin-1 (IL-1) is being studied to determine if IL-1 gene polymorphisms and the IL-1-mediated inflammatory response to damaging exercise are predictive of the hypertrophic response of muscle to chronic resistance training by elderly individuals.

Finally, ongoing studies are identifying mechanisms contributing to restoration of muscle mass following atrophy due to disuse. Her work emphasizes changes that occur with age with the long term goal of preventing frailty and loss of functional independence.


Current Projects

  • Changes in Myogenic Progenitor Potential with Age
  • Defining the Role of Satellite Cells in Muscle Maintenance Throughout the Lifespan Using Genetic Labelling
  • Contribution of Altered Muscle Hemodynamics to Fatigability in Older Persons With and Without Fibromyalgia
  • Mechanisms Underlying Metabolic Syndrome in Obesity
  • The Role of Satellite Cells in Adult Skeletal Muscle Growth and Maintenance


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Photo:  Charlotte Peterson, Associate Dean of Research

Charlotte A. Peterson, Ph.D.
Joseph Hamburg Endowed Professor and Associate Dean for Research

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