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Charlotte Peterson

Charlotte A. Peterson, Ph.D.
Joseph Hamburg Endowed Professor & Associate Dean for Research

I want to welcome you personally to the Office of Research in the College of Health Sciences. The College of Health Sciences at the University of Kentucky is committed to building an internationally recognized research enterprise. As the Associate Dean for Research, my goal is to build interdisciplinary research teams that bridge our two departments, Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences. Our major areas of focus are:

  • Frailty and Disability Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Voice and Language Disorders

Our long term goal is to develop new strategies to maintain functional independence, emphasizing both mobility and communication skills. We are particularly interested in approaches that will benefit Kentucky's rural population, having established the Kentucky Appalachian Rural Rehabilitation Network (KARRN). The Office of Research provides funds for project development, equipment and facilities, and infrastructure for obtaining and managing extramural funding.

Ongoing and funded projects:

  • Understanding vocal cord and laryngeal muscle function during aging
  • Impact of age-associated cognitive changes on communication
  • The role of inflammation and obesity on muscle response to exercise
  • Effects of massage on skeletal muscle function
  • Understanding muscle stem cell function in response to injury, following exercise, and during aging
  • Effects of biomechanics and muscle function on lower extremity orthopedic injuries
  • Understanding the contribution of infant tongue biomechanics to safe, efficient feeding
  • Relationship of student outcomes to school-based physical therapy services

Emerging areas of research:

  • Investigating effects of beet root juice on therapeutic outcomes, compliance with therapy, and body composition changes for head and neck cancer patients
  • Mobile device usage to teach vocabulary words to children with language impairments
  • Indicators of post-traumatic osteoarthritis following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery

All of our projects have a strong translational component such that research will lead to novel intervention and rehabilitation strategies to improve health and function by reducing illness and disability.
I invite you to take a few moments and browse this section of the CHS website to meet some of the great people we work with, and see some of the exciting work we're doing.

— Charlotte A. Peterson, CHS Associate Dean for Research

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