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                                Student Testimonials


Peter Ostling, on working in Dr. Livingston's Concussion Assessment Lab Division of Physical Therapy



What (or who) inspired you to pursue hands-on research experience?

I was interested in research experience in order to get an edge in the medical school application process. Grades are important, but clinical and research experience can separate an applicant from the group.

What do you enjoy most about your time in lab or in research in general?

I enjoy getting the results that we are looking for. It feels like we accomplished something when everything goes right.

Describe what a day might look like in lab?

The subject will come in. We take some basic information and health history. Then we prepare for the testing (skin prep, getting the program ready, etc.). After that, we begin trying to find each subject's specific setting on the TMS machine. Once the threshold has been found, we will do various different data collections that we plan to use in analysis. 

At what point in your education did you realize this might be an opportunity for you?

During fall semester, I was looking around at BIO 395 research projects. This specific project was one of the standouts. Dr. Livingston was much more open and accessible than many of the other mentors, so I decided to go with this one.