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                                Student Testimonials


Kayla Sergesketter, on working under mentorship of Dr. Capilouto                 Division of Communication Sciences & Disorders



What (or who) inspired you to pursue hands-on research experience?

When I began to look at graduate schools during my junior year, I realized that I didn't have much professional experience.  I wanted to get some experience in the field, but I knew that I needed something flexible because I'm really busy with swimming.  I started asking around for opportunities for the summer, and Dr. Capilouto responded right away.  I began volunteering over the summer and decided to continue once the school year started.

What do you enjoy most about your time in lab or in research in general?

I like the fact that I get to use what I've learned in class in the work that I do in the lab.  It gives me a more practical understanding of the material.

Describe what a day might look like in lab?

A few of my jobs include transcribing audio samples from the participants, completing word and IU counts, and performing syntactic and main event analyses on the language samples.  These analyses are used to look at the participants' language and the ways that language changes throughout the lifespan.

At what point in your education did you realize this might be an opportunity for you?

Towards the middle of my junior year, I realized that I wanted to get some hands on experience in the field.  I was hoping that it might give me some idea of what area of Speech-Language Pathology I would like to specialize in.