Joseph C. Stemple, Ph.D.,

Division of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Stemple received his Ph.D. in Communication Disorders from the University of Cincinnati in 1977. Before coming to the University of Kentucky in 2005, he served as Director of the Blaine Block Institute for Voice Analysis and Rehabilitation located in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dr. Stemple is the author of the texts Voice Therapy: Clinical Studies (2nd ed) and Clinical Voice Pathology: Theory and Management (3rd ed) (Delmar-Thomson Learning, 2000) as well as research articles and text chapters related to clinical voice disorders. An active speaker and lecturer, Dr. Stemple also holds adjunct faculty status with Miami University of Ohio, and the University of Cincinnati. He is a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Dr. Stemple has been instrumental in the creation and development of UK's Voice and Swallow Clinic.

Scholarly Focus

Dr. Stemple's research involves a translational study of various aspects of the aging voice including epidemiology, treatment outcomes, and the biology and physiology of aging laryngeal muscles as well as central neural control of normal and disordered voice production.

Educational Focus

Dr. Stemple teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Communication Disorders related to voice production and treatment. He also teaches and mentors doctoral students in the Rehabilitation Sciences Doctoral Program and supervises Research Apprenticeships and Independent Studies of the Ph.D. students.

Selected Recent Publications

Thomas L, Joseph G, Adkins T, Andrade F, and Stemple J, Laryngeal Muscles are Spared in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. In Review,  Journal of Speech Language Hearing Research.

Roy N, Stemple J, Merrill R, and Thomas L, Epidemiology of Voice Disorders in the Elderly: Preliminary Findings.  In Press, The Laryngoscope.

Roy N, Stemple J, Merrill R, and Thomas L, Dysphagia in the Elderly: Preliminary Evidence of Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Socioemotional Effects.  In Press,  Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology.

Messalam T, Stemple J, Tarek S, Elluru, R, Reflux Symptom Index (RSI) Versus Reflux Finding Score (RFS) in Laryngopharyngeal Reflux.  In Press, Annals of Otolaryngology.

Thomas L, Harrison A, Stemple J, Aging thyroaretenoid and limb skeletal muscle:  Lessons in contrast.  In Press, J Voice.

Musser J, Lee L, Maddox S, Stemple J, DalVera R, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and Self-ratings During Periods of Normal and Over Hydration.  In Press, Medical Problems of Performing Artists Journal.

Kelchner L, Horne J, Lee L, Klaben B, Stemple J, Adam S, Kereiakes T, Levin L, Reliability of Speech-Language Pathologist and Otolaryngologist Ratings of Laryngeal Signs of Reflux in an Asymptomatic Population, In Press, J Voice.

Thomas L and Stemple J (2007) Voice therapy: Does science support the art?  Communicative Disorders Review, 1:1, 51-79.

Selected Books and Chapters

Stemple J, Glaze L, Klaben B (2000) Clinical Voice Pathology: Theory and Management, (3rd ed.). Delmar Learning, Clifton Park, NJ.

Stemple J (2000) Voice Therapy: Clinical Studies, (2nd ed.). Delmar Learning, Clifton Park, NJ.

Stemple, J (2005) A Holistic Approach to Voice Care. In Seminars in Speech and Language, Holland A (Ed.) New York: Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc. 26:2, 131-138.

Stemple J (2004) Voice Therapy: Holistic Techniques. In: The MIT Encyclopedia of Communication Disorders, Kent, R (Ed.) Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, 2004.


Joseph C. Stemple, Ph.D.,

Division of Communication Sciences and Disorders

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