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Volunteers Boards at CHS

CHS Dean’s Advisory Board

The University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences Dean’s Advisory Board serves as an external advisory body to the Dean of the College of Health Sciences. Members of the board have attained prominence in their respective careers and are chosen for their value in providing sound counsel to the Dean. Advisory Board membership includes graduates and welcomes non-alumni members from throughout the nation.

The board has five primary functions:

  1. Provide advice and counsel to the Dean on matters for which such external advice is critical. This may include: long range planning, student accessibility, physical facilities, and service to the community.
  2. Increase awareness of the UK College of Health Sciences in Kentucky and across the nation.
  3. Serve on committees pertaining to academic programs, new programs, strategic planning, development, alumni events, and more.
  4. Provide advice on programs and projects which are of interest to the economic development of the state.
  5. Form an advocacy network for the college.

Current Members:

  • David AptsPhysical Therapy
  • Margaret BlainPhysical Therapy
  • Tony BroskyPhysical Therapy
  • Sam BrownPhysical Therapy
  • Terry BrownPhysical Therapy
  • Geza BrucknerClinical Nutrition
  • Gilson CapiloutoCommunication Sciences and Disorders
  • DeShana CollettPhysician Assistant Studies
  • Lois DowningPhysician Assistant Studies
  • Lynn EnglishPhysical Therapy
  • Steve FisherPhysician Assistant Studies
  • Deborah FrenchClinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Steve GaskinsPhysician Assistant Studies
  • Dan GatinsHealth Administration
  • Ben GecewichAthletic Training
  • Anne HarrisonPhysical Therapy
  • Lois HillClinical Nutrition
  • Chris HowellPhysician Assistant Studies
  • Jane KleinertCommunication Sciences and Disorders
  • Rusty MacSwordsPhysician Assistant Studies
  • Johnnie MillerClinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Donna MorrisCommunication Sciences and Disorders
  • Mike MuscarellaPhysical Therapy
  • Kathy PantherCommunication Sciences and Disorders
  • Barbara SandersPhysical Therapy
  • Wayne SizemoreCommunication Sciences and Disorders
  • Janella SpencerDental Hygiene
  • Kim TaylorCommunication Sciences and Disorders
  • Tim ThurstonPhysician Assistant Studies
  • Jerry WiseRadiation Sciences
  • Sharon StewartCommunication Sciences and Disorders

CHS Philanthropy Board

The CHS Philanthropy Board is designed to take an active role in the planning, execution, and evaluation of fundraising/development programs for CHS, working to secure private sector funding for CHS professorship's, chair's, programs, capital needs, scholarships and other initiatives. CHS Philanthropy Board members are committed to leading the way in attracting funds-by both setting an example and enlisting the help of others.

Current Members:

  • Janice BlytheClinical Nutrition
  • Mike FunkCommunity Health
  • Connie HauserPhysical Therapy
  • Mark HuntHealth Administration
  • Jeff LytleClinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Terry MalonePhysical Therapy
  • Joe StempleCommunication Sciences and Disorders
  • Pat WaggenerClinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Brian WiseAthletic Training
  • Karen SkaffClinical Leadership and Management

Be a Volunteer!

The success of the College of Health Sciences depends on your support and involvement. If you have a particular interest in working with alumni and advancement work, please e-mail Keturah Taylor, Alumni Coordinator.

The work of all of our Volunteer Boards will be felt for decades to come.

For more alumni information, contact Keturah Taylor.