College of Health Sciences Fellows

The University of Kentucky Fellows Society was created to encourage ever greater private support for the University and to recognize those who have dedicated themselves to advancing the institution’s mission of education, research and service. The Fellows Society honors those alumni, friends, corporations, foundations and organizations that provide enduring and generous support for the University.

There are five membership levels within the Fellows Society. Membership is accorded all donors who fulfill the following:

University Fellows are donors to the University of $10,000 or more in cash or cash equivalent, or those individuals who signify by appropriate means a bequest or permanent life insurance with the intention to give $50,000 or more to the University. University Fellows membership is limited to alumni and friends.

Henry Stites Barker Fellows contribute $50,000 or more in cash or cash equivalent, or put in place a deferred gift of $250,000 or more. Corporations, foundations, trusts and organizations recognition begins at the Barker Fellows Level.

John Bryan Bowman Fellows contribute $250,000 or more in cash or cash equivalent or put in place a deferred gift of $1,250,000 or more.

James Kennedy Patterson Fellows contribute $500,000 or more in cash or cash equivalent, or put in place a deferred gift of $2,500,000 or more.

Presidential Fellows contribute $1,000,000 or more in cash or cash equivalent, or put in place a deferred gift of $5,000,000 or more.

Past gifts may be applied toward membership in the Fellows Society.

Future gifts and pledges may be designated to the college or program of choice.

Husband and wife may be recognized as joint Fellows with no additional commitment.

A Fellows Society pledge may be paid over a 10–year period. While this pledge does not in any way legally bind the donor or his/her estate, it is hoped that the donor will provide for any unpaid portion through testamentary provision.

A person may become a member of the Fellows Society by having this honor conferred upon him/her by another contributor. Similarly, a deceased person may be named a Fellows Society member in memoriam.

Gifts may be designated by the donor for immediate use or as an endowment for any college or program within the University.

Undesignated gifts allow the flexibility to respond to pressing needs and to seize educational opportunities. The President and the UK Development Council determine which projects receive funding from undesignated gifts.

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CHS Fellows

  • University Fellows

    • Mr. David W. Apts
    • Mrs. Nancy Evelyn Bacia
    • Dr. Janice B. Blythe
    • Mr. and Mrs. Doug Boarders
    • Mr. and Mrs. Terrence C. Brown
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Carter
    • Mr. and Mrs. Walter K. Cleary
    • Mr. Robert Joseph Coll
    • Mrs. Elizabeth E. Cooke
    • Dr. Jean C. Cooper
    • Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Elliott
    • Drs. Tony and Lynn English
    • Mr. Michael T. Funk
    • Dr. Joseph E. Gerhardstein
    • Mr. Bradley K. Gonyer
    • Dr. Lori and Mr. Randall Gonzalez
    • Dr. Linda S. Gorman
    • Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Grogan
    • Mr. George S. Hagan, IV
    • Mrs. Connie and Mr. W. Patrick Hauser
    • Mrs. Allison and Mr. Kelly Horseman
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Howard
    • Mr. Mark F. Hunt
    • Mr. and Mrs. David R. Johnson
    • Ms. Karen R. Kendrick
    • Mrs. Linda C. Langley
    • Mr. Stuart L. Lowenthal
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Lytle
    • Dr. and Mrs. Terry R. Malone
    • Mr. Gary R. Marsh
    • Mr. and Mrs. David L. Mathews
    • Mrs. Denise and Mr. Brendan McCarthy
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. and H. Johnnie Miller
    • Mr. Paul F. Nett
    • Mr. Alan Newberry
    • Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Nitz
    • Dr. Charlotte A. Peterson and Mr. Kurt Heinonen
    • Mr. and Mrs. John S. Petrey
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jase and Natalie Pinerola
    • Dr. Thomas C. Robinson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Samuel
    • Dr. and Mrs. Scott B. Scutchfield
    • Drs. Karen and David Scaff
    • Mr. and Mrs. Marlin K. Sparks
    • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Stemple
    • Mr. John Underwood
    • Mrs. Patricia M. Waggener
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. White
  • Henry Stites Barker Fellows

    • Baptist Hospital East
    • Drs. James and Barbara Holsinger
    • Mrs. Jackie Resinger
    • Ms. Vicki Riddell-Peavler and Mr. Joe G. Peavler
    • St. Elizabeth Medical Center
    • Mr. Jerry Stricker
  • John Bryan Bowman Fellows

    • Central Baptist Hospital
    • The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels
    • Mr. Steve Thornton
  • James Kennedy Patterson Fellows

    • Appalachian Regional Healthcare
    • Jennie Stuart Medical Center
    • Saint Joseph Hospital
  • Presidential Fellows

    • Norton Healthcare
    • Regional Medical Center
    • W. K. Kellogg Foundation