Gill Building 

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view of the Gill Heart Institute.

Under Construction
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The Gill Building

What's Inside:  The building will house the Gill Heart Institute comprised of clinics, diagnostic areas, six Cath and EP labs and associated support services, and administrative and faculty offices.  The building will also house the University of Kentucky Hospital Center for Advanced Surgery comprised of waiting areas, pre-operative and post-operative prep and recovery rooms, eight operating rooms, sterile processing, and all necessary support services.

Location:  The building is currently under construction and will adjoin the existing University of Kentucky Critical Care Unit located off of Rose Street, across from the new Aging/Allied Health Building.  The estimated completion date of the Gill Building is March of 2002.

Features:   The primary care/outpatient diagnostic treatment building consists of approximately 108,000 square feet on five floors with a mechanical penthouse.


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