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The mission of the Division of Orthodontics is to improve the dental health of the citizens of Kentucky by providing the highest quality orthodontic care, to advance the specialty of orthodontics by educating knowledgeable, skilled clinicians, and by conducting research in the field.   The primary goals of the program are to:

  • Provide the opportunity for selected dentists to become orthodontists by increasing their knowledge in the specialty.
  • Through a rigorous didactic curriculum, prepare program graduates to enter an academic or private practice career.
  • Require graduate students to conduct an independent research project and defend the thesis.
  • Prepare publishable manuscript from such thesis for submission to a refereed journal.
  • Provide students with a rich and thorough clinical experience through active participation in an attending-based graduate orthodontic clinic.
  • Through a healthy assignment of active patients, provide the students with a diverse experience in the orthodontic diagnosis and treatment of many different expressions of malocclusion, including but not limited to the categories outlined by the ABO.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to provide orthodontic treatment to patients of all appropriate stages of development, including early, mixed, and adult dentition.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to be involved in special patient management experiences, including cleft lip and palate/craniofacial anomaly, multidisciplinary involvement and other special circumstances.
  • Require students to actively participate as teaching assistants in three pre-doctoral orthodontic courses in their second and third years.
  • Prepare students to take the written phase (Phase II) of the American Board of Orthodontics examination.
  • Facilitate our students' ability to sit for such exam by funding their travel expenses associated with it at the AAO annual meeting.
  • Prepare students to be awarded the Master of Science degree from the Graduate school.
  • Provide an atmosphere that promotes creative thinking and critical analysis, and evidence-based investigation.
  • Provide an atmosphere that will encourage the graduate students to interact with other professional colleges.
  • Provide an atmosphere that will foster achievement of personal and professional goals.