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Orofacial Pain ClinicOrofacial Pain Clinic

The UK College of Dentistry’s nationally and internationally recognized specialists treat temporomandibular disorders and other causes of orofacial pain

The UK College of Dentistry is home to one of only two accredited Orofacial Pain programs in the nation.  The Orofacial Pain Clinic moved into a new, cutting-edge facility in April, enabling even better service for patients and their families.

Dentists, psychologists and physical therapists routinely work together to determine the cause of pain and the best course of treatment.  This new location in the Kentucky Clinic provides closer working relationships with other medical specialists at the University of Kentucky.  

Faculty Providers

Rinskje de Leeuw, DDS, PhD, Chief
Jeffrey Okeson, DMD, Program Director
Elizangela Bertoli, DDS, MS
Charles Carlson, MA, PhD
Lyle Carlson, MS, PhD
Douglas Damm, DDS
Iquebel Hasan, DDS

John Lindroth, DDS
Cristina Perez, DDS, MS
Alan Wilkinson, DMD

Location and Phone

Kentucky Clinic, 740 S. Limestone, 859-323-5500

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