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Continuing Education Programs in Orofacial Pain

Shadowing Program

This program is tailored to health professionals who wish to join the OFP faculty and residents for a one-week experience, taking part in daily activities including three literature review sessions, several topic seminars, multiple case reports and patient conferences. Participants can also observe the evaluation and treatment of chronic orofacial pain patients in daily clinic sessions.

Participants have access to twenty-eight DVD lectures on various TMD and orofacial pain subjects. Each DVD lecture is approximately one hour long and can be viewed at various times throughout the week. Participants may also be invited to audit lectures for the 4th year dental students, graduate students and other seminars and activities offered during that week.

No program participants are scheduled in July and August while our new full-time residents are getting comfortable with clinical protocol.  We encourage only one participant each week, because this often enhances the learning experience. However, we will try to accommodate up to four participants who wish to enroll together.

This program offers 40 hours of CE credit for tuition of $995.00.  For more information or to schedule a week in the Shadowing Program, please contact Barbara Dickson at

Orofacial Pain Mini-Residency

This program is a one-week, didactic continuing education program in which participants receive 37 hours of lectures and seminars in the area of TMD, orofacial pain and sleep disorders.  This program is offered only one week a year, usually during May.  It is a thorough and intense evidence-based review of many topics related to the diagnosis and management of orofacial pain and sleep disorders. This program is generally attended by participants from all over the world.

Orofacial Pain Alumni Day

This annual one-day continuing education program is presented in the spring.  The general format involves a well-known outside speaker presenting a topic of his or her expertise during the morning.  During the afternoon, the faculty and residents provide an update on the clinical and research activities of the OFP program or other pertinent information.