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Drink PyramidPreparing Future Student Dentists

The Maxwell Elementary Pipeline Project was designed to help fourth graders learn about careers in health care, and is a partnership between UK’s colleges of Health Sciences, Pharmacy and Dentistry.  Dentistry students Jessica McClanahan, Kayla Brooks, Jenny Alas, Tyler Sanslow, and Meghan Patsy recently visited the school to talk about oral health and the field of Dentistry. 

The elementary students had done their homework, and showed our student dentists that they knew something about the layers of the tooth and basic oral hygiene.  Then they had a chance to do a hands-on experiment looking at the effects of different beverages on an eggshell, which is made of calcium, like the enamel of a tooth.  This helps them to understand the importance of the “drink pyramid” and why they should avoid certain kinds of drinks.

The Pipeline Project emphasizes to students that if they think they’d like to work in health care, they should study hard and pay attention to math and science.  The health care colleges at UK hope to see some of those fourth graders enrolled in a few years.