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The Janet Faraci Lee, DMD Leadership Development Fund

 As noted in Perspectives, Fall 2012 edition, it was Dr. Janet Faraci Lee's (’82) wish that a leadership development fund be established in her memory that would encourage UKCD students to grow into industry leaders through organized dentistry.  That fund has been established and has already began making awards.   For the 2013-2014 year, the awards went to:

  • Thad Schroeder and KaSandra Barnes from the class of 2014, who will attend the New Dentist Conference in Kansas City, MO on July 17-19, 2014.
  • Two members of the class of 2015, Leah Ditsch and Madison Myers Galloway, who attended Kentucky Dental Association Meeting, held in Louisville, KY in March 2014.

Once returning from the KDA meeting, Leah Ditsch and Madison Myers Galloway had this to say:

As I listened to Dr. Bill Lee describe some of his wife’s most recognizable and positive characteristics, I found myself actively smiling. It was an unconscious, natural response as I listened to him describe someone so inspiring and strong-willed. When he announced my name as a recipient of the Janet Faraci Lee Leadership Development Award, I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of pride. I was incredibly honored to be chosen for this award, and as I was handed the certificate in front of our entire dental school student body, I knew it would be one of the most memorable moments of my educational career.

This award allowed me the opportunity to attend the annual Kentucky Dental Association meeting in Louisville, Kentucky as a third year dental student. Having never attended any sort of organized dentistry event outside the walls of our school, I was especially excited to participate in this meeting that is so important in my profession. While at the conference, I was able to participate in an extremely interesting and informational session about the use of Invisalign® in private practice, as well as ways to promote your practice using social media. This session was very interactive and left me wanting to investigate Invisalign® even further. I also attended an enlightening session regarding geriatric dental health, and some of the obstacles that dentists often face when treating this underserved population. This session was also extremely informative, and provided some really useful solutions to the barriers that I may encounter in my future practice. In addition to these two CE courses, I also participated in a seminar specifically for dental students who were attending the KDA meeting. The seminar was led by a new dentist in Kentucky, and provided a laid-back, yet instructive opportunity to learn about strategies to prepare for job and/or residency application processes, as well as very useful tips for interviewing and staying connected with other new dentists. Incorporated into this experience was also an alumni reception one evening, hosted by the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. This reception was a great way to not only socialize with fellow dental students, but also network with practicing dentists – with our very own UKCD being the common denominator for everyone.

I can’t fully express my gratitude to the Janet Faraci Lee Leadership committee for receiving this honorable award. I was not only given the opportunity to learn from experts in our field and get a glimpse of organized dentistry in the “real world,” but also gained an invaluable sense of pride as I represented Dr. Lee’s legacy.

                                                                                ~ Leah Ditsch, Class of 2015

I am so honored and thankful to have been selected to receive the Dr. Janet Faraci Lee, Leadership Development Award at ASDA Day this year. While I did not have the privilege of having Dr. Lee as a teacher during my time at the college, I was fortunate enough to have met her on a few occasions. From those few short encounters, I could instantly tell what a wonderful person she was. The room just lit up a little more when she walked in and she always took time to say “Hi” to me and ask how I was doing, even though I was just a first year. I know that these memories do not even scratch the surface of what a wonderful person she was, but I am very thankful for them.

This award allowed me to travel to Louisville, KY for the annual Kentucky Dental Association meeting, along with another of my classmates. It was such a wonderful experience and we had an incredible weekend. We attended some very educational C.E. courses. One of my favorites was a course explaining Invisalign procedures and I was even allowed to work with the software to learn how the program and the dentist interact. Another favorite was that it allowed me to attend a class that my dental school mentor, Dr. Pamela Stein, was teaching.  It was such a unique opportunity to attend these classes with dentists who have been practicing for many years. They have wonderful questions and very real world perspectives that are very interesting to hear as a student.

The University of Kentucky College of Dentistry Alumni Reception, on Friday night, was such an enjoyable evening as well. It was so encouraging speaking with alumni who had conquered the same obstacles that I currently face in dental school. Being in the company of alumni, teachers and friends at this event really put into perspective what organized dentistry can do for each and every one of us. I also had the privilege of speaking with the President of the KDA and was able to talk about many of the hot topics in dentistry today. It was also wonderful to be able to talk to him about how our very own ASDA chapter can get more involved on both state and national levels through lobby days.

Overall this event was such an incredible opportunity for me to be able to attend as a dental student. I have gained so much information and wonderful memories that I know will help shape and mold my career in dentistry. I am so thankful to have been afforded this wonderful opportunity by the Lee family.

                                                                               ~ Madison Myers, Class of 2015