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General Dentistry Clinics

UKCD faculty practice general dentistry in three locations. 

Services include routine exams, cleanings and x-rays, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, implant dentistry, dentures, crowns, bridges, and root canals.  

Our faculty and staff are experienced in treating patients of all ages, including those with special medical, mental or physical needs, as well as dental fear patients.  

College of Dentistry Faculty Providers

Eliza Bertoli, DDS, MS
Kenneth Chance, DDS
Robert Frazer, DDS
Rodrigo Fuentealba, DDS
Robert Kovarik, DMD, MS
Ahmed Kutkut, DDS MS
Harold Laswell, DDS
Stacie Maggard, DMD
Kenneth Nusbacher, DDS
Kristy Pepper, DMD
Gitanjali Pinto-Sinai, DDS
Kelli Romond, DMD
Michael Sadler, DMD
Charles Thomas, DMD
Sharon Turner, DDS, JD

Location and Contact

800 Rose Street, 859-323-5831

Kentucky Clinic Faculty Providers

John Burt, DMD
Eric Demann, DMD
Ted Raybould, DMD

Location and Contact

740 S. Limestone, 859-323-5562

Kentucky Clinic South Faculty Providers

C. Shannon Fraley, DMD

Location and Contact

2400 Greatstone Point (corner of Harrodsburg and Alexandria), 859-257-9272