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3rd Annual John Mink Legacy Conference

Date: 8/23/2014 |  Time: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Location: Hilton Lexington Suites, 245 Lexington Green Cir

Speaker:  Dr. Dennis McTigue, Professor, Pediatric Dentistry, The Ohio State University College of Dentistry

Course Description

This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the scientific foundations for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of dental injuries. The latest protocols in managing crown fractures, root fractures and luxation injuries in primary and permanent teeth will be described in detail, with an emphasis on clinical decision making and treatment.

Management of Common Dental Injuries in Children and Young Adults

  1. Assess and triage dentoalveolar injuries
  2. Diagnose and treat sequelae to traumatic injuries
  3. Access and follow international treatment guidelines for traumatized teeth

Dealing with “Lost-Cause” Injured Teeth

  1. Learn steps in managing “lost-cause” permanent incisors, including decoronation and interim prostheses
  2. Understand tissue regeneration techniques currently applied in treatment of necrotic, immature permanent teeth

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