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Points on Piercing and Mugs and Drugs

Date: 9/19/2014 |  Time: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Receptions Banquet & Conference Ctr, Erlanger, KY

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Course Description: Points on Piercing: Oral Health and Home Considerations (AM)   

As orofacial piercings become more common, the healthcare professional must become more familiar with the unique healing dynamics, potential post-piercing sequelae, piercing care strategies, and dental implications associated with this trend.  Presented in a relaxed multi-media forum utilizing specific case studies, the participant will learn about in-office strategies and home care recommendations to meet the oral health care needs of the pierced dental patient.  

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this presentation, each participant should be able to succeed at the following tasks:

  • The participant will become familiar with the common signs and symptoms associated with irritations and infections of the pierced site.    
  • Distinguish potential health risks associated with various head and neck piercings.
  • Participants will understand after care protocol for the pierced site.
  • An in-depth overview of popular piercings will be explored along with dental treatment care modifications.
  • Comprehensive intra-and extra oral examination protocols will be reviewed.
  • Specific cases will be offered to the participants in order to further understanding of the current trends being pursued in this field.

Course Description: Mugs and Drugs – A Look at Today’s Counter Culture Trends (PM)

The afternoon program is designed to give course participants an understanding of the impact certain counter-cultural trends have on oral health care delivery.  Head and neck piercings, their healing dynamics and possible impact on oral structures will be discussed utilizing case studies to enhance learning.  The faces (‘Mugs’) of today’s counter-cultural movement come with a set of treatment variables not commonly encountered previously in the field of dentistry.  Recognizing substance and self-abuse patterns will aid the dental professional in recognizing potentially life-threatening behaviors.  Abuse of ‘Drugs’ – including alcohol, methamphetamine, over-the-counter remedies, and prescription medication – by today’s dental patient can play an important role in the delivery of oral health services and greatly impacts home care recommendations.  This course will provide participants with the necessary resources to recognize, treat and provide supportive services for patients abusing drugs.  Come prepared to learn in an environment that is relaxed and conducive to audience participation.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this presentation, each participant should be able to succeed at the following tasks:

  • Recognize body modification trends and their potential impact on oral and systemic health
  • Identify the signs and symptoms associated with self- injury
  • Provide supportive and referral options for patients who self-harm
  • Discuss current trends in substance abuse among all age groups
  • Understand the oral and systemic ramifications of underage and binge drinking
  • Identify signs and symptoms associated with asthma inhaler abuse
  • Develop appropriate treatment strategies to meet the needs of patients demonstrating alcohol, prescription drug and asthma inhaler abuse patterns

This course is appropriate for dentists, hygienists and dental team members.

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