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Estimated Cost of Attendance




Year 1Year 2Year 3 
Tuition & Fees*    
      Kentucky Resident$10,772$10,772$10,772 
Camera (Year 1 Only - Only with proof of purchase)$1,550-- 
Laptop Computer (Only with proof of purchase)$1,550-- 
Total Estimated Curriculum Expenses    
   Kentucky Residents$11,272$10,772$10,772 
   Kentucky Residents (With proof of purchase)$14,322$10,772$10,772 
   Out-of-State Residents$23,338$22,838$22,838 
   Out-of-State Residents (With proof of purchase)$26,388$22,838$22,838 


LIVING EXPENSESYear 1Year 2Year 3 
Rent ($700/mo)$8,400$8,400$8,400 
Utilities (gas, elec, phone, internet, $250/mo)$3,000$3,000$3,000 
Food ($400/mo)$4,800$4,800$4,800 
Transportation (gas, ins., maintenance, parking, $250/mo)$3,000$3,000$3,000 
Personal (misc, clothing, $200/mo)$2,400$2,400$2,400 
Health Insurance$1,882$1,882$1,882 
Renter/House Insurance$200$200$200 
TOTAL LIVING EXPENSES$23,682$23,682$23,682 

* Living expense budgets are for the student ONLY.  Students with dependents -- spouse and/or children, parents or siblings -- who have no other means of support are urged to consult social service agencies for assistance.  Fifty percent of documented day care costs may be added to the cost of attendance, unless the student resident is a single parent.


   KY RESIDENT$34,954$34,454$34,454 

* Mandatory fees are $549 per semester and include such things as the student health fee, activity fee, technology fee, Johnson Center fee, and are required  of students attending the University of Kentucky and all of its Colleges.