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Clinical and Translational Research

Clinical research happens throughout our college, potentially wherever a dental care provider and patient interact. 

Study volunteers are always needed and some projects may reimburse subjects for time and travel or defray the cost of dental care. Below are our current clinical projects, please contact study personnel for more details.

Xenogenic Collagen Matrix to Increase the Zone of Attached Mucosa Around Implant
Principle Investigator: Mohanad Al-Sabbagh
Sponsor: Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
The objective of this clinical prospective split-mouth study is to evaluate the efficacy of Collagen Matrix as an alternative to the Epithelialized free graft to aesthetic outcomes, patient morbidity, and the safety of using CM will be assessed and compared to the free gingival graft (FGG).

Genetics of the Class III Malocclusion in US Caucasians
Principle Investigator: Lorri Morford
Sponsor: American Assoc. of Orthodontists Foundation, 2014 Biomedical Research Award
This novel study will be the first genetic linkage study completed on a US Caucasian cohort, and the first study to begin to connect Class III facial sub-phenotypes with specific genetic factors. The outcome of this study will aid in our understanding of the mechanism(s) underlying these deformities.