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Call for Abstracts
Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International
Creating Healthy Work Environments
JW Marriott Indianapolis ● Indiana, USA ● 12 -14 April 2013

Submission deadline is 14 November 2012

Link to the Call for Abstracts


"Christmas Gifts for Hospitalized Veterans”

          Delta Psi December Meeting

The Veterans Hospital Volunteers Organization provides a small bag of gifts to veterans hospitalized during the holiday season.  Please contribute to this wonderful effort.

Items needed include:

One size fits all gloves
Prepaid 30 minute Phone Cards
Alarm Clocks
Personal comfort items (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, etc.)
$5 canteen coupon books (we purchase these here)


We assemble about 200 gifts bags each year. Items must be new and in their original packaging.

We also accept monetary donations and can purchase these items with the funds.

Thank you so much for your interest and for your support in helping Veterans.



Donations for the holiday silent auction

The holidays are quickly approaching and we will soon mix & mingle at the holiday dinner and silent auction.

I am asking that you all begin asking friends, family members, and local businesses for tax-deductible donations to be placed at our silent auction.

These items may include money, gift cards, jewelry, purses, wall decor, UK apparel, massage services, and/or cleaning services just to name a few!

Please start your requests early and get the word out.

If you would like to join me with Fundraising Committee festivities, please contact me!

Thank you,

Maggie Wilson

Class of 2009

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Please welcome and encourage all of our new Inductees to participate!

December 2012 Graduates:
Adebola Adegboyega
Katelyn Dekkar
Katie Higdon
Jacob Higgins
Ashley Hysong
Perwana Kakar
Andrea Kohlman
Jennifer Mesaros
Alysia Powell
Debbie Snyder
Alyssa Sutphen

May 2013 Graduates:
David Kuchmy
Colleen Molten
Kristina Robinson
Ashlie Rowland
Kelli Tegtmeier
Amanda Ward

Graduate Students:
Abdullah Alhurani
Stanley Tibong
Kara Willett

Nurse Leaders:
Deeanna Robinson
Leslie Beebe
Janine Lindgreen
Lawana Leonhardt
Mary Hilfenberger
Malissa Mulkey

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Message from STTI President
Suzanne Prevost, RN, PhD
President, Sigma Theta Tau International

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be a member of Sigma Theta Tau at the local chapter level, as well as in an international leadership position.  Since the honor society has been an important part of my professional career for nearly 30 years, I would like to share a few suggestions for getting the most from your honor society membership.

1. Don't just join - Engage! Unfortunately, many new members join Sigma Theta Tau in name only. They fail to truly connect with the work of the chapter and the society. Members who stop there tend to quickly lose interest and fail to experience the true value of STTI. Like many professional endeavors, the benefits and rewards of membership are directly proportional to your personal investment. So, find a place within the chapter to share your talents and connect with other members.  Through the Sigma VIP profile (http://membership.nursingsociety.org/Pages/Volunteerinterestprofile.aspx) you can volunteer to get involved at the chapter, regional, or international level.

2. Use Sigma events as a great opportunity to stay connected to your fellow classmates and other nursing colleagues.

3. Build your personal and professional network of nurse leaders in Lexington, in Kentucky, across the U.S., and even around the world. Log in and register on "The Circle," Sigma's social networking site, to make connections with nurse colleagues who have similar interest, across the country and around the globe.  Http://thecircle.nursingsociety.org.

4. Find a nurse mentor through Sigma Theta Tau. The overwhelming majority of prominent nurse leaders in the U. S. are members of Sigma Theta Tau; and most of them cherish the opportunity to support the development of new members.

5. Take advantage of the many educational and leadership development opportunities.  Sigma has mentored leadership development programs for: Maternal-Child Nurses, Geriatric Nurses, Nurse Educators, and one that is specifically for nurses who are interested in serving on national and international boards.

6. Make an investment in the next generation of nurses.  Participate in the Delta Psi Silent Auction; or make a donation to the Delta Psi Scholarship fund.

7. Share your ideas for improving STTI – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Tell us which benefits and activities are most meaningful to you.  Continuing education programs?  Career development?  Mentoring relationships?  Scholarships?  Social gatherings?  Community service projects?  Travel and international exchange opportunities?  Tell us what you value; and then help us make it happen.

So, I challenge you to truly get involved to receive greater personal benefit and to make a greater impact.  As I move toward the role of President of Sigma Theta Tau, please share your ideas with me; so that we can continually improve our nursing honor society.


Important Announcement Regarding Communication

Delta Psi is moving to all electronic communication after our Spring Induction, beginning with the July transition of officers.  Please make sure your email address is up to date by logging on to: