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bulletLeadership Succession

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Awards and Scholarship

The Awards and Scholarship Committee receives and evaluates applications and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.  The committee notifies recipients of awards and reviews and revises scholarship guidelines as needed.


Demetrius Abshire


The Bylaws Committee, in accordance with Chapter Bylaws Article XIV.Amendments to Bylaws, will submit amendments to the chapter bylaws.  The committee considers, edits, and/or correlates such amendments as it may originate and as are referred to it. This committee also reviews potential members for eligibility requirements and assists the program committee in planning the induction of new members.

Julia Hall

Leadership Succession

This committee assists in leadership development by meeting with the Board of Directors and learning the direction and goals of the chapter.  Recruitment is conducted throughout the year or biennium in to prepare a ballot with two candidates for each position.  The committee secures the candidates' consent to serve, verify active membership in the chapter, prepare the ballot, and send it to the Board of Directors at least four weeks prior to the election meeting.


Mendy Blair


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for obtaining funds for the chapter to support specific programs, projects and activities that are consistent with the goals and objectives of the chapter.

Shannon Shumaker


The Program Committee is chaired by the vice-president and is responsible for the programs of the chapter including the induction ceremony (i.e. logistical arrangements such as selecting the facility, planning the reception, etc.) and at least two programs of a scholarly nature held during each fiscal year.  The committee maintains a record of all programs, including dates, topics, and speakers.


Marsha Oakley

Service Project

The Service Project Committee allows an avenue for members to "become involved" through participation in sponsored activities such as runs, walks, and other community events.