COBRE Pilot Projects

Pilot grants are available to support two general categories of research project associated with the COBRE in Women's Health. (1) Pilot grants will be awarded to junior faculty members, not already included in the COBRE, who wish to initiate a new program of research that complements the focus of the COBRE. (2) Grants will be awarded to faculty members of any rank outside the COBRE whose proposal is directly relevant to women's health research.

These pilot projects will be 1 year grants with the possibility of an additional year of funding depending upon the investigator's productivity. These grants are designed to assist faculty applicants obtain pilot data required for grant applications in women's health. They are not designed to provide ongoing support for a long-term project, nor to provide supplemental funding to individuals who are already firmly embarked on an NIH-funded research career.

How to apply

Application process
  • Applicants will submit a proposal electronically to Nan Rice at that includes: (1) a 5-page summary of their research plans and accomplishments, including a brief statement of how their research is relevant to the COBRE's thematic interests, and a brief statement of the projected use of COBRE subsidized research cores; (2) an NIH-style biographical sketch; (3) a list of current and pending research grant awards (4) a budget, limited to $25,000/year for a maximum of 2 years.
  • Each application will be sent to three referees, who will be asked to evaluate it both for scientific merit and for the potential that the results from the pilot project will lead to a competitive NIH proposal. Each reviewer will be asked to assign a priority score.
  • After receipt of the written reviews, the senior faculty in the COBRE and will select the most meritorious projects. The mean priority score is the principal criterion used, but consideration will be given to the relevance of the proposal to women's health and the existence of mentoring expertise in the COBRE faculty.
  • Awardees will be required to sign a memorandum of agreement as a condition of the allocation of funds for their research project. This memorandum reminds recipients that they are expected (1) to take advantage of the training opportunities provided by the senior faculty; (2) participate in the Seminar in Principles of Women's Health Research; (3) participate in at least one COBRE Research Retreat in the year of the award; (4) present their work at national meetings, and cite the University of Kentucky COBRE as a source of support at these presentations and in publications resulting from their research work; and (5) submit written progress reports on an annual basis to allow the faculty to assess their progress and productivity. Each pilot grant recipient will be matched with a senior faculty mentor to whom s/he may turn for advice on specific aspects of research work, educational opportunities, and career development.
Application Deadline: The application deadline is July 28, 2008 with a start date of mid to late August.



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