Genomics Core

The purpose of the Genomics Core is to serve the technical and physical support needs for ongoing and future gene expression studies. These needs include experimental design, the verification of target genes, data mining, as well as, the maintenance of databases to support shared resources among investigators. The core provides storage of resources such as oligonucleotides and plasmids available for use by COBRE investigators. The goal of the Genomics Core is to help expand the breadth of the research conducted by the COBRE investigators by lowering the technical barriers while also reducing the cost of these types of studies through the use of shared resources, improved design and data analysis and technical support. The genomics core stands ready to serve the COBRE investigator and their labs. Access to the core and its services provides the technical expertise to open up new lines of investigation. The core will lower the barriers that may impede access to novel genomic science across the COBRE labs and help with implementation and analysis. For information contact Dr. Michael Kilgore at 323-1821.



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