Animal Core

The Animal Core directs all of the day to day operations of the maintenance, ordering, and provision of animals for the COBRE-WH program. It maintains genetically modified lines of mice available to all of the COBRE-WH investigators. The Animal Core maintains computerized records that are available to all investigators involved with our research teams. These records include all the information on each individual mouse from the time of its arrival in the University animal facility until the time that it is killed. We maintain information on the date of birth, the age when purchased/born, body weights, experimental manipulations that have been performed, tissues that have been collected at surgery or at necropsy. When necessary, we keep track of vaginal smear records, reproductive history, and status of the mice when they are used. The Core coordinates the use of animals such that tissues are used optimally by all members of our research teams. Services that are offered by the Animal core include:

  • Maintains computerized records of the Animal colony

  • Works with the UK Division of Laboratory Animal Resources for animal maintenance

  • Mice Breeding and Genotyping

  • Monitoring the estrous cycle

  • Drug/Treatment Administration

  • Assists with or trains investigators with Surgical Procedures

  • Supports the Mouse and Rat Tissue Bank (MRTB)

The Animal Core facilitates the research and training goals of the COBRE-WH by providing the organizational and administrative structure for optimal animal usage among the COBRE-WH investigators. For information contact Kathy Rosewell at 323-6077.



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