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Fridays 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
C.T. Wethington Building, 411

Date Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
Robert M. Carey, MD
Emery A. Wilson Lecture Series speaker -
Thursday, 12noon UKMC HG 611
Univ of Virginia The Emerging Role of Angiotensin AT2 Receptors in Cardiovascular and Kidney Function Alan Daugherty
01/19 Kenneth Mahaffey, MD Duke Protection of the Myocyte during STEMI:  What have we learned? Steven Steinhubl
01/26 Gabriele Pfitzer, Ph.D. Univ of Cologne, Germany Regulation of vascular smooth muscle tone by urocortin / cAMP-induced activation of myosin II phosphatase Ming Gong
02/2 Kieren Mather, MD Indiana Univ Endothelin in Vascular and Metabolic Dysfunction in Insulin Resistance Dennis Bruemmer
02/9 Susan S. Smyth, MD, PhD Univ of KY Lysolipids in Cardiovascular Disease Alan Daugherty
02/16 David G. Harrison, MD Emory Univ The Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Hypertension Sumitra Miriyala
02/23 Michael Mathier, MD Univ of Pittsburgh Current Concepts in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Steven Steinhubl
03/2 George Vetrovec, MD Virginia Commonwealth Univ The Drug Eluting Stent Controversy: PCI vs. CABG 2007 Steven Steinhubl
03/9 Cancelled due to illness.      
03/16 Cancelled.      
03/23 Magdalena Chrzanowska-Wodnicka, PhD Blood Research Institute,
Blood Center of Wisconsin
Rap1 Signaling in Vascular Cells Susan Smyth
03/30 Beata Wolska, PhD Univ of Illinois, Chicago Control of Cardiac Function by Calcium and Myofilaments Marius Sumandea
04/06 Fayette Co. Spring Break - no seminar
04/13 Mark Taubman, MD Univ of Rochester New insights into the role of smooth muscle cells in regulating vascular inflammation and thrombosis Susan Smyth
04/20 ATVB conference - no seminar
04/27 Linda K. Curtiss, PhD The Scripps Research Institute Toll-like Receptor 2 Expression in Atherosclerosis Gregory Graf
05/4 Nalini Rajamannan, MD Northwestern Univ, Chicago Sterol and Statin Regulation of Aortic Valve Lrp5/beta-Catenin Signaling Susan Smyth
05/11 John Guyton, MD Duke Univ Contemporary Approaches to Treating Lipid Disorders Alan Daugherty
05/18 Robert Eckel, MD Univ of Colorado Fuel Partitioning, Insulin Action and Body Weight Regulation Lisa Tannock
05/25 Guy Zimmerman, MD Univ of Utah Inflammation in Ischemic Vascular Disease Susan Smyth
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