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Fridays 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
C.T. Wethington Building, Rm 411

Date Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
01/13 Peter Reaven, MD Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center, Phoenix AZ Inflammation, Insulin Resistance and Cardiovascular Disease: Evolving Insights Dennis Bruemmer
01/20 Andrew Morris, PhD Univ of KY Cell Regulation by Bioactive Lysolipids Alan Daugherty
01/27 Kristin Newby, MD Duke Cardiovascular Disease in the "-omics" Era: From diagnosis and risk stratification to personalized care Steven Steinhubl
02/03 Kristine Lain, MD Univ of KY Cardiovascular complications induced by smoking in pregnancy Alan Daugherty
02/10 Debra Moser, D.N.Sc. Univ of KY Physiologic and Behavioral Mechanisms Linking Depression with Rehospitalization and Mortality in Patients with Heart Failure Steven Steinhubl
02/17 Jane Reusch, MD Univ of Colorado CREB Dysfunction in Diabetes:  A systemic response of death and dysfunction Dennis Bruemmer
02/24 Eric R. Bates, MD University of Michigan Nitric oxide synthase inhibition in the treatment of cardiogenic shock Steven Steinhubl
03/03 Helmut Schroder, PhD IMIM, Spain Mechanisms of obesity with a focus on diet and physical activity Bernhard Hennig
03/10 Colin Macphee, PhD GSK Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 as a target of therapy Alan Daugherty
03/17 John Solaro, PhD University of Illinois Control of Cardiac Dynamics at the Level of Sarcomeric Proteins Marius Sumandea
03/24 Randall C. Starling, MD, MPH Cleveland Clinic Foundation Update on Cardiac Transplantation: Results and Innovations Steven Steinhubl
03/31 Sidney Whiteheart, PhD Univ of KY Arf6: The forgotten G-protein in platelet signaling Steven Steinhubl
04/07 A. H. Jan Danser, PhD Erasmus MC,
The Netherlands
Cell and subcellular locations of angiotensin II production Lisa Cassis
04/14 Peter Edwards, PhD UCLA From the fly eye to mammalian macrophages; critical roles for ABC transporters in controlling pigmentation and lipid homeostasis Gregory Graf
04/28 ATVB conference - no CVSS
05/5 Anthony Ferrante, MD, PhD Columbia Macrophages in obesity and insulin resistance:  Good guys or bad guys? Victoria King
Lisa Cassis
05/12 Gilbert Upchurch, MD University of Michigan Gender related differences in experimental aortic aneurysms Alan Daugherty
05/19 Mort Kern, MD Pacific Cardiovascular Associates, CA Coronary Physiology in the Cath Lab:  Theory and Practice Steven Steinhubl
05/26 Carlos M. Ferrario, MD Wake Forest University The Role of ACE and ACE2 in Cardiac Function. A tale of Two Enzymes Lisa Cassis
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