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Fridays 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Department of Medicine Conference Room
J524 - 526
Kentucky Clinic

Date Speaker Institute Title
03/02 Stewart Whitman PhD UK The role of acquired immunity in the development of atherosclerotic lesions
03/09 Alan Daugherty PhD UK Class A scavenger receptors in atherosclerosis - good, bad, or irrelevant?
03/16 Juan Ochao MD UK Arginase: the magical nutrient
03/23 Paolo Fanti MD UK Dietary soy intervention: studies on progression of renal disease and on secondary manifestations of established chronic renal failure
03/30 David Williams PhD Suny at Stony Brook Scavenger receptor SR-BI. A multifunctional receptor that mediates the transport of lipoprotein free and esterified cholesterol
04/06 Willem deVilliers MD, PhD UK Macrosialin - another scavenger receptor?
04/13 MacRae Linton MD Vanderbilt Inflammation, macrophages, and atherosclerosis
04/20 William Abraham MD UK Cardiac resynchronization for heart failure
04/27 Nancy Webb PhD UK The metabolic fate of high density lipoproteins after processing by the scavenger receptor B-I
05/3-4 John Hall MD Univ. Mississippi Obesity, hypertension and end-stage renal disease
05/18 Steven Post PhD UK
05/25 Mary Sorci-Thomas PhD Wake Forest Structure function of HDL - relation to its protective effects
06/01 Phyllis Wise PhD UK Ischemic injury in stroke
06/08 Marceille de Beer PhD UK SR-B1 and HDL: The importance of the ligand
06/15 Harry Davis PhD Schering Plough Mechanisms of cholesterol absorption - the development of novel inhibitors
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