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Program Project in HDL Function and Metabolism During Inflammation

Project Structure

National Institutes of Health
Program Project Grant, 1 PO1 HL086670-01

HDL Function and Metabolism During Inflammation

Project 1

Project Director: Frederick C. de Beer, M.D.

Project Title: HDL Structure and Metabolism During Inflammation

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Project 2

Project Director: Deneys R. van der Westhuyzen, Ph.D.

Project Title: Inflammation, HDL and Class B Scavenger Receptors

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Project 3

Project Director: Nancy R. Webb, Ph.D.

Project Title: Macrophage Cholesterol Efflux During Inflammation

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Core A

Core Director: Deneys van der Westhuyzen, Ph.D.

Core Title: Adminstrative

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Core B

Core Director: Maria C. de Beer, Ph.D.

Core Title: Analytical and Preparative

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Core C

Core Director: Debra L. Rateri, B.S.

Core Title: Mouse


Debra Rateri

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