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Fridays 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
C.T. Wethington Building, Rm 411

Date Speaker Institute Title Host/Resp. Unit
01/16 Richard D. Weisel, M.D. Univ. Toronto Cardioplegia 2004 - improved results of CABG Ferraris / Quest Medical
03/12 David Moliterno, M.D. UK Caveats of primary PCI for myocardial infarction: Should we build local care or centers of excellence? Daugherty / BMS
03/19 Paul DiCorletto, Ph.D. Cleveland Clinic Endothelial cell activation by thrombin and TNF-alpha Mao / GHI
03/26 Curt Sigmund Ph.D. Univ. Iowa Interrogating complex regulatory pathways in vivo by gene targeting Cassis / GHI
04/02 No seminar - Fayette Co. Spring Break
04/09 Gregory Hundley, M.D. Wake Forest Univ. The Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Assessment of Heart Failure Moliterno / Novartis
04/16 Maria Grant, Ph.D. Univ of FL Participation of Hematopoeitic Stem cells in Pathological Ocular Angiogenes Ambati
04/23 Sean Davidson, Ph.D. Univ. Cincinnati Cellular cholesterol efflux: the role of sphingomyelin metabolites and the structure of nascent HDL Webb / GHI
04/30 Seminar Canceled
05/07 No seminar - ATVB conference, San Francisco
05/14 Linda Demer, M.D., Ph.D. UCLA Artery Wall Calcification: Relationship with Osteoporosis Treatment? Alan Daugherty / BMS
05/21 John Mieyal, Ph.D. Case Western Reserve Glutaredoxin: Specificity and Role in Redox Regulation, and Implications of Its Age-Dependent Changes in Rat Heart Asmis / GHI
05/28 Thomas M. Coffman, M.D. Duke Angiotensin receptors and blood pressure: Something for everyone Cassis / Novartis
06/04 William Stanley, Ph.D. Case Western Energy metabolism during demand induced ischemia and the potential for metabolic therapies Post / CV Therapeutics
06/11 Joseph P. Steiner, Ph.D. Guilford Pharm. Protective Strategies Targeting Immunophilin proteins Ferraris / GHI
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