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Research Day

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List of Presenters


Oral Presentations

Effect of Bioactive Glass on
Compressive Properties of Calcium Sulfate
-D. Puleo

P16 as a Marker of Human Papillomavirus Induced Oral Dysplasia
-S. Holm

LAT gene is not required for HSV-1 reactivation in vitro
-W. Allen

RT-PCR analysis of Iron utilizing marker genes in Porphyromonas gingivalis
-S. Kirakodu

Development and Validation of a Surrogate Model for Osteotomy Site Preparation
-V. Kalidindi

Valacyclovir preventive therapy of herpes labialis associated with dental procedures
-C. Miller

Periodontits and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
-K. Novak

Experimentally created orbital fractures
-G. Peterson

Parental Beliefs, demographic characteristics and early childhood caries
-A. Buntzman

Molecular Profiling of Host Responses to Oral Pathogens: Evaluation of Transcription/Signal Transduction Genes
-J. Ebersole


Table Clinics

Faculty Sponsor – Janella Spencer

1. The Use of Vasoconstrictors in Local Anesthetics: Update for Hygienists
--Raegan Foxworth & Kristie Whitter

2. New Handwashing Guidelines from the CDC: Alcohol Rinse vs. 2-Minute Handwashing
--Leslie Fraser & Alison Foreman

3. The Multiple Uses of Doxycycline in Periodontal Disease --Vanessa Hodges & Cassandra Critchfield

4. Sports and Mouthguards
--Rebecca Smith & Ailyne McGary

5. Treating Myofacial Pain with Occlusal Appliances
--Chandra Harward & Sherry Hamilton

6. Update on Cardiac Procedures & Pre-Medication Guidelines --Melissa Payne & Christy Thomas

7. Glove Selection Guidelines
--Melissa Carlisle & Angie Marshall

8. New Blood Pressure Guidelines
--Katie Clements & Faith Minton

9. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
--Melody Combs & Connie Brashear

10. Dental Lasers in Periodontal Treatment: Legal Issues for Hygienists
--Kathy Bailey & Rhonda Sibert

                       Faculty Sponsor – Cynthia Beeman
11. The Microscrew: An Emerging Technology in Orthodontics" --J. Garfinkle, B. Hansen, M. Long, (2nd year orthodontic residents)

12. The Kim Analysis: Shedding a New Light on the Orthodontic Extraction vs Non-extraction Treatment Decision
--Millay, Billy; Parle, Steve (1st year orthodontics residents)


13. Teaching Anatomic Correlations Using a Multimedia CD-ROM Tutorial
--P. Hicks & S. Challman

Poster Presentations

1. Educational CD-ROM on Fabrication of Immediate Denture
-- B. Abadi

2. Palatal Bone Thickness Available for Placement of Orthodontic Implants
-- C. Dyer

3. Problem-Solving and Assessment Simulation for Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients
--S. Challman

4 Oral Bacterial Effects on Potential for Recrudescence of HIV
-- K. Emerson

5 CD ROM-Based Instruction to Teach Standardized Aspects of Clinical Process
--J. Lindroth

6. Familiarity with the Dental Practitioner: Effects on Fear and Attendance
-- L. Heaton

7. Students’ Understanding of the HIPAA Compliance Act
-- C. Herren

8. Hypodontia in Colorado and Kentucky: A Regional Comparison
--W. Housewright

9. Bacterial Ecology Fingerprinting: Tool for Early Diagnosis/Intervention of Oral Diseases
--C. Huang

10. n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Diet Effects on P. gingivalis-Induced Periodontitis
-- E. Browning

11. Toward Better Integration of Biomedical Science and Clinical Dentistry
--S. Humphrey

12. Utilization of Periodontal Clinical Competency Exams
--S. Humphrey

13. Host Responses to Oral Pathogens: Evaluation of Atherosclerosis/Vascular Disease Genes
--L. Kesavalu

14. Detection of Analytes in Saliva: Correlates with Periodontal Disease
--B. Frodge

15. Ceramics Laboratory Quality Assurance Program
--T. McConnell

16. Salivary Biofilm Contamination After Application of Orthodontic Self-etching Primer
--S. Nordstrom

17. Mastery Learning in an Esthetic Dentistry Curriculum: A Two-Year Comparison
--P. Osborne

18. Physican’s Oral Health Education in Kentucky (POHEK)
--J. Skelton

19. Using Standardized Patients to Teach Women’s Oral Health
--J. Skelton

20. Prevelence and Severity of Hypodontia in Western Kentucky
--L. Smiley

21. Dental Fear and Negativity of Oral Health Problems
--T. Smith

22. Aging Effects on Systemic Inflammatory and Immune Responses
--M. Steffen

23. Molecular Techniques for Bacterial Genotyping
--B. Wurth

24. Kentucky Natural Products as Chemotherapeutics for Chronic Oral Infections
--R. Taylor

25. Effects of Serum on Protein Expression in Porphyromonas gingivalis
--J. Diamond

26. Kids Smile: A Training Program to Eliminate Disparities
--G. Ferretti

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