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Recent Publications

January 2004

Developing a pediatric oral health therapist to help address oral health disparities among children.
Source:  J-Dent-Educ. 2004 Jan; 68(1): 8-20; discussion

December 2003

A retrospective study of the use of the Bluegrass appliance in the cessation of thumb habits.
Greenleaf,-S; Mink,-J
Source:  Pediatr-Dent. 2003 Nov-Dec; 25(6): 587-90

November 2003

Open versus closed reduction of adult mandibular condyle fractures: a review of the literature regarding the evolution of current thoughts on management.
Brandt,-M-T; Haug,-R-H
Source:  J-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg. 2003 Nov; 61(11): 1324-32

Plates, screws, and children: their relationship in craniomaxillofacial trauma.
Haug,-R-H; Cunningham,-L-L; Brandt,-M-T
Source:  J-Long-Term-Eff-Med-Implants. 2003; 13(4): 271-87

Historical development of endoscopy.
Cunningham,-L-L Jr; Peterson,-G-P
Source: Atlas-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg-Clin-North-Am. 2003 Sep; 11(2): 109-27

The endoscopic brow and midface lift.
Watson,-S-W; Niamtu,-J 3rd; Cunningham,-L-L Jr
Source: Atlas-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg-Clin-North-Am. 2003 Sep; 11(2): 145-55

August 2003

Firearm injuries to the maxillofacial region: an overview of current thoughts regarding demographics, pathophysiology, and management.
Cunningham,-L-L; Haug,-R-H; Ford,-J
Source: J-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg. 2003 Aug; 61(8): 932-42

Intraneural perineurioma--not restricted to major nerves.
Damm,-D-D; White,-D-K; Merrell,-J-D
Source: Oral-Surg-Oral-Med-Oral-Pathol-Oral-Radiol-Endod. 2003 Aug; 96(2): 192-6
Fear of dental care: are we making any progress?
Smith,-T-A; Heaton,-L-J
Source: J-Am-Dent-Assoc. 2003 Aug; 134(8): 1101-8
In vitro environmental regulation of Porphyromonas gingivalis growth and virulence.
Kesavalu,-L; Holt,-S-C; Ebersole,-J-L
Source: Oral-Microbiol-Immunol. 2003 Aug; 18(4): 226-33

Herpesvirus quiescence in neuronal cells. V: forskolin-responsiveness of the herpes simplex virus type 1 alpha0 promoter and contribution of the putative cAMP response element.
Danaher,-R-J; Jacob,-R-J; Miller,-C-S
Source: J-Neurovirol. 2003 Aug; 9(4): 489-97


July 2003

The 2001 Kentucky Childrens Oral Health Survey: findings for children ages 24 to 59 months and their caregivers.
Hardison,-J-D; Cecil,-J-C; White,-J-A; Manz,-M; Mullins,-M-R; Ferretti,-G-A
Source: Pediatr-Dent. 2003 Jul-Aug; 25(4): 365-72


June 2003

Understanding and responding to adverse events.

Source: N-Engl-J-Med. 2003 Jun 19; 348(25): 2580

May 2003

Disparities in risk of and survival from oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma.
Miller,-C-S; Henry,-R-G; Rayens,-M-K
Source: Oral-Surg-Oral-Med-Oral-Pathol-Oral-Radiol-Endod. 2003 May; 95(5): 570-5
Underserved region recruitment and return to practice: a thirty-year analysis.
Osborne,-P-B; Haubenreich,-J-E
Source: J-Dent-Educ. 2003 May; 67(5): 505-8

April 2003

Infections associated with locking reconstruction plates: a retrospective review.
Kirkpatrick,-D; Gandhi,-R; Van-Sickels,-J-E
Source: J-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg. 2003 Apr; 61(4): 462-6
A devotion to trauma.
Source: J-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg. 2003 Apr; 61(4): 415-6
The management of acute dental pain in the recovering alcoholic.
Lindroth,-J-E; Herren,-M-C; Falace,-D-A
Source: Oral-Surg-Oral-Med-Oral-Pathol-Oral-Radiol-Endod. 2003 Apr; 95(4): 432-6

March 2003

Herpesvirus quiescence (QIF) in neuronal cells VI: Correlative analysis demonstrates usefulness of QIF-PC12 cells to examine HSV-1 latency, reactivation and genes implicated in its regulation.
Miller,-C; Bhattacharjee,-P; Higaki,-S; Jacob,-R; Danaher,-R; Thompson,-H; Hill,-J
Source: Curr-Eye-Res. 2003 Mar-Apr; 26(3-4): 239-48

Angiographic evaluation of the head and neck.
Cunningham,-L-L Jr; Van-Sickels,-J; Brandt,-M-T
Source: Atlas-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg-Clin-North-Am. 2003 Mar; 11(1): 73-86
Magnetic resonance imaging of the head and neck.
Cunningham,-L-L Jr; Nadler,-D-M; Lee,-C
Source: Atlas-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg-Clin-North-Am. 2003 Mar; 11(1): 87-107
Anatomically based health care.
Source: J-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg. 2003 Mar; 61(3): 283-4

February 2003

The promise of tissue engineering.
Source: J-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg. 2003 Feb; 61(2): 155-6

January 2003

Role for recombinant gamma-glutamyltransferase from Treponema denticola in glutathione metabolism.
Chu,-L; Xu,-X; Dong,-Z; Cappelli,-D; Ebersole,-J-L
Source: Infect-Immun. 2003 Jan; 71(1): 335-42

Perfect storm or perfect opportunity? Addressing the crisis in oral and maxillofacial surgery education.
Source: J-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg. 2003 Jan; 61(1): 1-2

Humoral immune responses in gingival crevice fluid: local and systemic implications.
Source: Periodontol-2000. 2003; 31: 135-66

December 2002

The lure of the 80-hour work week.
Source: J-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg. 2002 Dec; 60(12): 1387-8
Chronic diffuse yellow eruption. Pyostomatitis vegetans.
Damm,-D-D; Fantasia,-J-E
Source: Gen-Dent. 2002 Nov-Dec; 50(6): 561, 564
Exophytic mass of buccal mucosa. Blastomycosis.
Damm,-D-D; Fantasia,-J-E
Source: Gen-Dent. 2002 Nov-Dec; 50(6): 561, 564

November 2002

Using host response modifiers in the treatment of periodontal disease.
Novak,-M-J; Donley,-T-G
Source: Pract-Proced-Aesthet-Dent. 2002 Nov-Dec; 14(9): suppl 3-10; quiz 11
A comparison between masticatory muscle pain patients and intracapsular pain patients on behavioral and psychosocial domains.
Lindroth,-J-E; Schmidt,-J-E; Carlson,-C-R
Source: J-Orofac-Pain. 2002 Fall; 16(4): 277-83
Undergraduate basic science preparation for dental school.
Humphrey,-S-P; Mathews,-R-E; Kaplan,-A-L; Beeman,-C-S
Source: J-Dent-Educ. 2002 Nov; 66(11): 1252-9
Improving the oral health knowledge of osteopathic medical students.
Skelton,-J; Smith,-T-A; Betz,-W-T; Heaton,-L-J; Lillich,-T-T
Source: J-Dent-Educ. 2002 Nov; 66(11): 1289-96
Does plate adaptation affect stability? A biomechanical comparison of locking and nonlocking plates.
Haug,-R-H; Street,-C-C; Goltz,-M
Source: J-Oral-Maxillofac-Surg. 2002 Nov; 60(11): 1319-26
Comparison of sleep quality and clinical and psychologic characteristics in patients with temporomandibular disorders.
Yatani,-H; Studts,-J; Cordova,-M; Carlson,-C-R; Okeson,-J-P
Source: J-Orofac-Pain. 2002; 16(3): 221-8




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